What Chinese cultures are hated by Chinese people nowadays?

I think the #1 thing I hate about Chinese culture is the concept of “face” (面子)。

It’s shallow, its superficial, it’s materialistic and it’s ridiculous. It causes people to judge you based on what you have/don’t have. This causes a lot of problems in the society. First off, relationships become all about gift giving instead of cherishing each other, secondly it causes people to spend into debt in order to afford superficial things, and thirdly it makes more people judgmental.

In America or Canada or even Korea, I can rest assured knowing that people don’t give 2 shits about what I own or what brands I wear. None of my clothes are designer brands. I don’t own a car. I live in a small apartment. And it makes no difference to the people here. Billionaires here drive Toyotas and Mazdas. So what right? Just because you have money doesn’t mean you should show it off.

But in China, because of the concept of face, you have to show off. And people will judge you if you don’t. It’s a ridiculous concept to me. I guess this is one of the main things I agree about Korean culture more than Chinese culture. I care about my appearance, I want to look my best for people, but I don’t really care what you own or what designer brands you have or how much money you have. It’s not important to who you are as a person.

They value a persons worth and status in society based on how much wealth they can show off. They treat people depending on the brand of clothing or accessories you have. Girls often gossip to one another based on how much their boyfriends bought for them. If that isnt a superficial society I dont know what is. I lived in Korea for 2 years, and people like tl say Koreans are superficial because of plastic surgery and stuff dont realize that Korean society is super competitive and appearance oriented that girls are often forced to do it just to get ahead in society. I dont think in general they are shallow though. You see lots of beautiful women in Korea dating below average looking guys. Compare this to China. You never see guys carry a bunch of shopping bags for their gfs in Korea yet in China guys are expected to buy stuff for their gfs all the time and act like pack mules. I never had a Korean girl ask me about my salary or whether i had a car or a house. For Chinese girls it seems thats the second question they ask me after my name. I would take Koreas obsession over appearance over Chinas obsession over materialism anyday.


Tardiness and Unreliability

One of the things I pride on myself most is that I’m reliable. You ask me to do something, I’ll do it, and I’ll do it on time. You ask me to be somewhere at this time? I’ll be at that place at that time. It’s almost a common sense thing, that I wonder why most people can’t adhere to it. Why are most people unreliable? You ask them to get something done, they forget about it. You ask people to be on time, and they’re either late or can’t make it last minute. It annoys the hell out of me, since I’m always so punctual. I’ve rarely been late for anything, and the times I were late were not my fault (the buses were tardy, not me).

Like yesterday, I planned to meet up with my organization. They’re the ones who planned it, and said be at XXX street at 6:30. I was on time, everyone else was late by 30 minutes. That’s inexcusable, how can they ALL be late by that much? I had to stand there in the cold waiting for them? Its gotten to the point where I will purposely add 20-30 minutes to all my schedules because I KNOW that they will be late by that much. Geez. You said you will be there at a certain time, then be there. And the excuse that blah blah happened isn’t an excuse. I always plan for my contingencies, so I give myself extra time. People should plan for unexpected events, and plan accordingly. Thats why I aim to be exactly on time, because I approximate my travel times well.

There are other common sense things that are more to deal with courtesy than anything. When someone texts me, or messages me on MSN, I respond right away, I don’t wait 30 min and then answer just to be ‘fashionable’. I don’t get that, if your status is available, you should be able to answer right away. Some people never answer at all, and just ignore you. That’s just rude. If you’re at a computer, even when you’re busy, are you so busy that you can’t take a second to look at the flashing message window and type something like ‘I’m busy right now’? Even that is better than ignoring me. I find ignoring people the rudest thing, just be honest.

It kind of ties in with being reliable, I’ve always just been reliable, there to help people, and honest about things.
But there are a lot of things in this world I still don’t understand. Why do girls like to sign into MSN and appear offline? If they don’t want people to message them, just don’t sign in, else they should just appear online, be honest about your status. On Facebook, why do girls like to set their relationship status to “married” with another girl? That’s just confusing. Why do so many people post a bunch of pictures of their food and like none of themselves? Why are people so obsessed with sports? Why do people post so much about their dog or cat or pet (more than themselves)? Why do people think baby pictures of themselves are cute? You know, just give me a picture of you over your baby picture any day. I might think you’re sexy or good looking, but would I ever find your baby picture sexy or good looking? No. And Why are people so tardy and unreliable?

Yeah thats all my ranting for now, just got some pet peeves out of the way :D.