Why don’t people like Dragon Ball Super?

My personal reasons: The animation is more ‘cute’ and ‘clean’ compared to the ‘gritty’ style of DBZ and DBGT. Bulma looks younger than she did in the Buu Saga even though she’s supposed to be older. Goten looks like he’s even shorter than before which is not possible since he’s supposed to be older, etc… Continue reading Why don’t people like Dragon Ball Super?

Top 50 Anime Cliches

Top 50 list of Anime Clichés There are few people who love anime more than I. Anime like Yu-Gi-Oh, DragonballZ, Evangelion & InuYasha set a standard of majesty and wonder and immersion that American cartoons struggle, and usually fail, to match. And yet, as I watch the latest masterpiece to come out of Japan I… Continue reading Top 50 Anime Cliches