What are some American practices that Canadians find odd?

  1. Using dollar bills all made of the same color and using old material (cotton). Why not upgrade the bills to make it more fraud proof like Canada did?
  2. Not using the Metric system. God do I hate Fahrenheit especially. Impossible to tell how cold or warm it is.
  3. Love of guns.. why Americans love their guns… its part of their culture. But as a Canadian i still dont get why having a gun is necessary in everyday life
  4. Using a Jury system. We dont have jury duty in Canada. We appoint judges. Having a jury makes it much more likely for the defendant to get away with a lot cases out of sympathy.
  5. Similar to point above Americans sue alot!! Theres like a lawsuit going on all the time it seems. And it can be for the smallest of reasons.
  6. Universal healthcare is considered a “socialist” policy in the US which means its “bad”. Americans have been trained to equate anything “socialist” with venezuela/communism it seems.
  7. Americans HATE taxes. Tax cuts tax cuts all the time. How many Americans would drop dead if they knew our top tax rate kicked in at only $130k and we had a national sales tax?
  8. Pronouncing “Z” “zee” while we pronounce it “zed”. I guess zee is easier to ryhme with in the alphabet song?
  9. Calling my name out at restaurants. Uhh in Canada they just call your number and you get your food. Why do Americans insist on asking my name? Not only could my name be something complicated but what if two people had the same name and same order? What now brown cow??
  10. Age limit of 21 for drinking. Especially odd considering by that age you can already own a gun and drive.

Even if Chinese people do eat dogs, why would Americans be so bothered by that?

because Americans think that whatever their culture is should be the culture of other countries as well, due to ignorance and arrogance.

Americans own dogs and love animals more than even other human beings. They will support gun ownership to the death and refuse to pay for healthcare for other citizens, but eating dogs oh no that’s too barbaric! How dare people eat dogs when we can eat chicken and cow and pigs! One is man’s best friend after all! The other animals are only holy in other religions like Hindu or Islam but who cares the only important religion is Christianity am I right? God told us we shall not eat dogs! Or did he… ?

Oh what about the whole age of consent BS? In America the age of consent is 18, which means that anyone older than 18 having sex with anyone under 18, is a pedophile. However in other countries the age of consent is not the same. Americans think it is however because they think their laws apply equally to other countries, so if they see a Chinese person or Japanese person in a relationship with a 17 year old, they are all pedophiles! Of course – because there’s such a big difference biologically between 17 and 18 right?

You can tell my answer is dripping with sarcasm, btw.


What are the craziest things you’ve heard conservatives say?

Disclaimer: I consider myself a conservative, but NOT the American type of conservative i.e Republicans who are conservative in name only. I am a Canadian conservative. I find Republicans absolutely repulsive though since they pretend to be conservative when in reality they are just batshit crazy and lack common sense. They also think that you are a RINO (Republican in name only) if you don’t support Trump (who isn’t a conservative and flip flops on his issues minute by minute and wasn’t Repub until 2015) and/or assume you a liberal if you don’t like Trump (hint: MANY people don’t like Trump not just liberals).

Here’s some of the stupid things they say:

“why don’t we ban alcohol/smoking/cars too because they kill more people a year than guns”

“Gun control doesn’t work. Chicago has the highest murder rates and its LIBERAL. so it doesn’t work”

“Poor people don’t deserve to live and are feeding off the system”

“illegal immigrants are voting by the millions. Dead people are voting by the millions!”

“Obama created ISIS, Obama is a muslim threatening to destroy our country”

“Trump has the guts to nuke North Korea. Obama was a whiny apologist Kenyan muslim who made America look weak. MAGA!”

“after all the TERRIBLE Obama years, finally Trump is making America great again and our jobs are coming back!”

“Hillary killed four Americans in Benghazi she is a blood thirsty murderer”

“Now we have a President (Trump) that respects our troops! and a true Christian!”

“(in response to seeing Trump’s polls): Fake polls, you guys said Hillary would win too how’d that work out for ya?”

“You fake news outlets and whiny libtards are just butthurt about Hillary losing the election! go cry in your corner snowflakes!”

“Trump is going to make sure our country is on the right track again and stop bowing down to the global elite (George Soros, Rothchilds etc)”

“The Democrats are taking advantage of black people and illegal immigrants! they are destroying our country! that’s why Trump is great!”

“If you dont like Trump then get the hell out of our country!”

[insert crazy conspiracy theory about Hillary/Obama here]

To be sure, I hear these kind of comments fairly often. These are not conservative comments. They are comments made by IDIOTS acting like 5 year olds who are not educated or ignorant to some degree. They are comments made by paranoid conspiracy theorists. These are the modern Republicans today. Very sad.