How do you deal with the identity crisis, ironically, as an ABC who can speak Chinese?

I’m a first generation immigrant who immigrated to Canada at a young age and still retain my Chinese ability. The identity struggle is real. But it depends on the person. Most of my CBC/ABC friends would identify as Canadian/American first and foremost and as do I. How long you spent in China before you immigrated […]

What are some American practices that Canadians find odd?

Using dollar bills all made of the same color and using old material (cotton). Why not upgrade the bills to make it more fraud proof like Canada did? Not using the Metric system. God do I hate Fahrenheit especially. Impossible to tell how cold or warm it is. Love of guns.. why Americans love their […]

Even if Chinese people do eat dogs, why would Americans be so bothered by that?

because Americans think that whatever their culture is should be the culture of other countries as well, due to ignorance and arrogance. Americans own dogs and love animals more than even other human beings. They will support gun ownership to the death and refuse to pay for healthcare for other citizens, but eating dogs oh […]