Is Donald Trump really that bad of a president, or does it just seem that way because he’s such a jerk?

its both… as a President, he has only passed a few pieces of legislation, the tax cuts and the infrastructure bill come to mind, and that’s about it. He’s appointed some Supreme Court Justices, but that’s not that much hard work. The rest of his accomplishments have been mainly executive orders and threatening or withdrawing from agreements with our allies.

He notably does not prepare for any meetings or summits. He doesn’t read any briefing if its over a page and doesn’t contain pictures or mentions his name. A record number of his cabinet has resigned. He spends most of his time at rallies as if he’s still campaigning for president and/or golfing at his resort. He treats discussions with North Korea as a real estate deal. He’s not intellectually curious at all, believes in conspiracy theories, never blames himself for anything, and flip flops on every issue even mid sentence. He starts twitter fights with private citizens. He bans news organizations he doesn’t like from his press conferences. He thinks he’s above the law.

So as President, he’s not very effective. A lot of members of his own party don’t agree with him. A lot of what he says (see the Fox News interview) doesn’t make a lick of sense. As a jerk, well.. I’m sure you already know why he’s a jerk.

Why is killing in video games seen as acceptable but sex in video games is not?

America is full of Christians. These Christians believe that owning guns for self defense and potentially killing someone is fine if its justified, but also think masturbation is a sin and you shouldn’t have sex before you are married. (Note: I am not blaming all Christians I think this is just one factor)

A lot of ‘sexy’ games these days have also faced backlash from SJWs and feminist groups which is another factor in why these games don’t get released in the West.

This seems completely contrary to Asia where (except China) sexual things are mostly allowed but guns and violence are not. That’s why you see WAY more sexy games/movies from Japan and Korea than from the USA but America definitely leads the pack when it comes to games/movies involving firearms.

It is rather strange and ironic, I know. I still don’t understand why this game:

This is just a girl in a bikini with her strap falling off. There’s nothing that bad here. You could potentially see that at the local beach. There’s no sex in this game. Just bikinis and boobs, thats it. But it was never released in the West because of potential backlash.


This game was censored in the West because of the BDSM like spanking mini game that happens in it. You know, stuff you could potentially do with your partner in the bedroom.

This game involves a torture scene that a sane person would never do in real life, yet is allowed without censorship in the USA.

This game where you kill people with rifles and an infamous airport scene where you murder people, is one of the best selling games in its series. (I am not singling out this scene in particular but its rather the whole genre of FPS shooters that are pretty violent)

Go figure…

in Asia most women wear miniskirts and show a lot of skin in a way that Americans would say are ‘scantily clad’ but for them its just a normal thing. Its a culture difference. I mean think about it I still don’t understand why a game having women in bikinis and stuff is somehow more objectionable than the common AAA games that have us murdering each other with machine guns. Its because in America we have become desensitized to violence and its ‘normal’ to us. Whereas in Asia showing a lot of skin is normal to them. Censoring any of these games doesn’t make sense, because being a pedophile in a game doesn’t make you a pedophile in real life any more than being a serial killer in a game makes you a serial killer in real life.

Which country is better, China or America?

As much as Chinese like to believe they are a rising superpower, they are still much behind the USA. While they are second in the world in total GDP, only behind the USA, their GDP per capita is 8x lower and GDP per capita is generally a good reflection of how developed a society is. In Asia, China is by far the dominant economy but they are 5th in GDP per capita, behind Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. Also Hong Kong if you want to consider that separate from China.

I also don’t think anyone would argue that the Chinese military is better than the American military, they are way behind on that as well.

In terms of technology, China is catching up on electronics (Lenovo and Huawei have been making gains on Apple and HP and Dell though the level of innovation is still behind), and is probably ahead on infrastructure (Chinese high speed rail and new buildings look far more impressive than American ones).

In terms of soft power or cultural exporting, they are behind pretty much all 4 East Asian Tigers + Japan, let alone trying to compete with Hollywood. While people around the world have heard of American movie stars and pop stars, and kpop has dominated the world as well, very few people outside of China (besides immigrant Chinese) really care about Chinese movies or bands. They have a long ways to catch up on that.

So yeah in order to catch up to the USA, here’s what Chairman Xi should do:

  1. Try to reduce the gap between rich and poor more, keep supporting the growing middle class and improving the GDP per capita
  2. Increase military spending to be more of a global force
  3. Emphasize cultural exports more and focus more on entertainment industry. This might be difficult though, since as a communist state, creative expression is a little difficult.