Can you name all the players in the NBA who averaged 30 plus points in a season?

Sure. Cs: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Wilt Chamberlain Walt Bellamy PFs: Karl Malone Bob McAdoo Bob Pettit Spencer Haywood (ABA) Dan Issel (ABA) SFs: Kevin Durant Lebron James Elgin Baylor Adrian Dantley Bernard King Dominique Wilkins Jack Twyman Julius Erving (ABA) Connie Hawkins (ABA) SGs: Michael Jordan Jerry West Tracy McGrady James Harden Dwayne Wade Kobe Bryant […]

Who is statistically/overall the better basketball player, Kobe or LeBron?

Lebron James. PPG: Lebron (27.2) > Kobe (25.0) RPG: Lebron (7.4) > Kobe (5.2) APG: Lebron (7.2) > Kobe (4.7) SPG: Lebron (1.6) > Kobe (1.4) BPG: Lebron (0.8) > Kobe (0.5) FG%: Lebron (50%) > Kobe (44%) 3PT%: Lebron (34%) > Kobe (33%) FT%: Kobe (83%) > Lebron (73%) Playoffs PPG: Lebron (28.9) > Kobe (25.6) Playoffs RPG: Lebron (8.9) > Kobe (5.1) Playoffs APG: Lebron (7.1) > Kobe (4.7) Playoffs SPG: Lebron (1.8) > Kobe (1.4) Playoffs […]

What is one popular argument about the Lebron v. Jordan debate that you don’t agree with?

Finals Records This argument really only came up around 2016 or so, when Lebron started getting into the GOAT argument. Jordan fans then started focusing on the one stat Lebron would never be able to reach: 6–0. That’s Jordan’s finals record. An impossible to attain goal for Lebron since he had already lost 4 Finals […]