As of today, who had the better career: LeBron or Kobe?

Lebron James. You see people are now having GOAT arguments online about MJ vs Lebron. Did you ever see people debating about MJ vs Kobe for the GOAT? No, of course not, MJ was superior to Kobe in every way so that argument never happened. Now, personally I think MJ is still the unquestioned GOAT, but with Lebron there’s at least an argument. Compared to Jordan at least there’s some areas where he beats him, which is in rebounding and assists. Kobe has literally nothing over Jordan (81 point game or not) so there was no argument.

versus Kobe, it’s not really that close either. The only thing Kobe has over Lebron are rings and FT% (which is expected since he’s a guard and Lebron is a forward and generally guards have better FT%). One problem with casual basketball fans is that they equate rings with everything. Kobe has more rings -> better player right? Well no. Not all rings are equal. You gotta look at how many rings that player achieved as the best player on his squad. That’s why people don’t consider John Havlicek (8 rings) or Robert Horry (7 rings) as better than Michael Jordan for example, because they weren’t the best player on their teams.

For Kobe, only two rings can be counted with him as the best player on the team. I’m not gonna say Shaq carried him, but I will say that Shaq was most definitely the superior player on that team, he put up 30/15 every night that’s why he won 3 Finals MVPs in a row. Lots of Kobe fans try to minimize or downplay Shaq’s involvement to being ‘equal’ with Kobe. It’s not equal, cmon. Look at the VORP, look at the win shares, look at the plus/minus, look at the stats, Shaq was better during those playoffs period.

For Lebron all three of his rings he was the best player – and in two of those runs (2013 and 2016) he was the underdog. Those rings surpass Kobe’s rings, I think just because of how impressive his runs were. Kobe played such teams like the 2000 Pacers, 2001 76ers, 2002 Nets and 2009 Magic. None of those teams are all time great. Lebron faced a gauntlet of all time great teams including the Duncan Spurs Dynasty and the Warriors Dynasty (arguably the best team ever assembled on paper).

Not only that but Lebron beats Kobe in every other category including every advanced stat. MVPs, Finals MVPs, PER, True Shooting percentage, Plus/Minus, Win Shares, VORP, WP/48, every single one. He also has better raw stats as well 27/7/7 > 25/5/5.

He’s demonstrably more clutch (see graphic below)

Not only that, but he is breaking more of Kobe’s records as we speak. He recently just passed Dirk on the all time scoring list, he already passed Kobe on 30 point games, and will soon pass Kobe on all time FGM as well. There’s just no way any non-Laker non-biased fan can put Kobe ahead of Lebron by the time Lebron’s career is done he will have surpassed Kobe in nearly every category except for rings which I mentioned above, is misleading because Kobe wasn’t the best player for 60% of his rings.

If all NBA players were judged by their best season, what would the new greatest of all time list look like?

Let me take a crack at this. I’m just gonna focus on the statistical best seasons. First lets get the ridiculous 1962 seasons out of the way where 4 all time players peaked at the same time..

  1. 1962 Wilt Chamberlain – 50.4 PPG / 25.7 RPG / 2.4 APG
  2. 1962 Oscar Robertson – 30.8 PPG / 12.5 RPG / 11.4 APG
  3. 1962 Elgin Baylor – 38.3 PPG / 18.6 RPG / 4.6 APG
  4. 1962 Bob Pettit – 31.1 PPG / 18.7 RPG / 3.7 APG
  5. 1972 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – 34.8 PPG / 16.6 RPG / 4.6 APG
  6. 2017 Russell Westbrook – 31.6 PPG / 10.7 RPG / 10.4 APG
  7. 2000 Shaquille O’Neal – 29.7 PPG / 13.6 RPG / 3.8 APG
  8. 1989 Michael Jordan – 32.5 PPG / 8 RPG / 8 APG
  9. 1967 Rick Barry – 35.6 PPG / 9.2 RPG / 3.6 APG
  10. 1971 John Havlicek – 28.9 PPG / 9 RPG / 7.5 APG
  11. 1973 Julius Erving – 31.9 PPG / 12.2 RPG / 4.2 APG
  12. 1968 Connie Hawkins – 26.8 PPG / 13.5 RPG / 4.6 APG
  13. 2017 James Harden – 29.1 PPG / 8.1 RPG / 11.2 APG
  14. 2014 Kevin Durant – 32.0 PPG / 7.4 RPG / 5.5 APG
  15. 1968 Nate Thurmond – 20.5 PPG / 22 RPG / 4.2 APG
  16. 1960 Bill Russell – 18.2 PPG / 24 RPG / 3.7 APG
  17. 1966 Jerry Lucas – 21.5 PPG / 21.1 RPG / 2.7 APG
  18. 1962 Walt Bellamy – 31.6 PPG / 19 RPG / 2.7 APG
  19. 2008 Lebron James – 30 PPG / 7.9 RPG / 7.2 APG
  20. 1994 David Robinson – 29.8 PPG / 10.7 RPG / 4.8 APG

Jaw dropping numbers from these guys I know…

What single person has altered the course of humanity the most in all of history?

Most influential person in history is quite a title, I think most people would agree that Jesus Christ would be the main person behind the next 2000 years after his death but its disputable whether or not he was actually real, so… a few guys I think up for debate:

Alexander the Great – conquered most of the middle east during his time and influenced Western history so much he has his own period named after his time on Earth – the Hellenistic period.

Julius Caesar – I think if anyone’s names get remembered 2000 years after they die and they stay famous for that long of a time, safe to say they are pretty darn influential

Confucius and Buddha – a HUGE influence among basically all of modern Asia

Genghis Khan – for much the same reason as Alexander/Caesar, a conqueror who shaped a lot of modern Asia and middle east

Sir Isaac Newton – probably along with Einstein the most famous scientist in history though without Newton there wouldn’t be Einstein so…

Christopher Columbus – yes its debatable whether or not he ‘discovered’ America but hey he is still the name brought up the most so…

William Shakespeare – if we’re talking effect on the English language he has to be #1

Nicolaus Copernicus – kickstarted the Scientific Revolution in the West that would last until Newton

Socrates/Plato – Again these guys were the backbone of Western civilization for over 2000 years so.. they got to be up there. And no one really knows whether Socrates actually existed so thats why I combined them.

Aristotle – the guy who would shape science for almost 2000 years. Until Newton, this guy was the pre-eminent scientific source for everything

Martin Luther – responsible for creation of Protestantism and all the history/wars that brought….

Muhammed – the founder of Islam, the second most popular religion on Earth

Note: I don’t put Jesus on here because his existence depends on whether you are Christian or not 🙂

Beyond 1700s I really don’t want to say anyone because too little time has elapsed for them to be considered most influential in human history although I want to put George Washington, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler here…