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  • What video game franchise was the most popular at the peak of its popularity?

    Well there’s a few contenders here in my eyes.. Pac-man and Space Invaders were the two greatest arcade games of the Golden Age of Arcades for basically kick-starting the interest in video games for most people. Also, these two games were responsible for the popularity of the first popular video game console the Atari 2600. […]

  • What is the best video game of all time for you, and why?

    I have two lists: Top 100 most influential video games all time and top 100 best (quality) video games of all time. https://youtu.be/o1O0hH7QM7I https://youtu.be/1TI8LaQUaEU These two lists are slightly similar but mostly different in the titles they use i.e Doom II is a better game than Doom 1 but Doom 1 is much more influential. […]

  • What are the best RPG games of all time (top 5)?

    Here’s my top 75: https://youtu.be/hgX2t1z2gBc Did a video ranking all these RPGs… Also did a countdown video for these RPGs.. https://youtu.be/jyGoyCZHRFI So far my list goes something like.. Chrono Trigger Final Fantasy VI Baldurs’ Gate II Diablo II Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Deus Ex Elden Ring Persona 5 Mass Effect 2 Final Fantasy IX Earthbound Planescape: […]