Why does everyone have Kobe Bryant top 5 all time?

In a recent poll of NBA players here’s the results Wow! Kobe is in 3rd place! As the GOAT! And Allen iverson and Kevin Durant being on the list is a surprise to me. Keep in mind these are NBA players that did this survey. What the heck? And not only that but the fans seem outraged […]

If you could select any 4 or 5 dead musicians to form a band, which ones would you pick?

Easy one for me Songwriter – John Lennon (of the Beatles) – along with Paul, the most covered and successful songwriter in pop music history. Vocalist – Freddie Mercury (of Queen) – voted #1 rock vocalist of all time Guitarist – Jimi Hendrix – voted #1 rock guitarist of all time Bassist – John Entwistle […]

Where would you rank the Golden State Warriors dynasty (2014 – present) in terms of all-time great NBA dynasties?

they rank #5 in my dynasties list. Here’s my top 10 dynasties 1957–1969 Boston Celtics (11 rings, 12 Finals appearances) 1991–1998 Chicago Bulls (6 rings, 6 Finals appearances) 1980–1991 LA Lakers (5 rings, 9 Finals appearances) 1999–2014 San Antonio Spurs (5 rings, 6 Finals appearances) 2015–present Golden State Warriors (3 rings, 4 Finals appearances with […]