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  • Why is South Korea more advanced and successful than China?

    The premise is debatable. Let’s take an unbiased look at the achievements of each country in the last 20 years: China since 1999: -Has lifted millions out of poverty -Sustained enormous YoY GDP growth under Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping -Hosted their first Olympics -Rose up to surpass Japan as the world’s second largest economy […]

  • Advanced Korean Vowels and Consonants

    Ok, you’ve learned 18 Korean characters. Now let’s learn the 13 advanced Korean vowels, which are similar to the ones you’ve learned already. 1. ㅑ – this vowel sounds like ‘yah’. 2. ㅕ – this vowel sounds like ‘yaww’. 3. ㅛ – this vowel sounds like ‘yo’. 4. ㅠ – this vowel sounds like ‘yew’. […]

  • How to play Magic the Gathering pt 2

    Continued from the previous post…Here are some more advanced terms: Tokens: Tokens are creatures that are not represented by a card but they are still creatures. The only difference is that when they die and/or returned to your hand, they are exiled instead. Exile: Exile a permanent means they are removed from the game (as […]