Grammar Lesson 3 Korean

(ㄹ/을)래요 (intention to do, suggestion)

AV + (ㄹ/을)래요

This ending is another future form ending similar to (ㄹ/을)거예요 and (ㄹ/을)게요 except in this case, we intend to do something.
If we use this ending as a question, then it acts as a suggestion similar to (ㄹ/을)까요?
To make this ending, we conjugate the verb with ㄹ if the ending is a vowel and 을 if the ending is a consonant and add 래요 to the end.
With verbs ending in ㄹ already, we don’t need to add ㄹ/을.

1. This ending is used when we have a will or intention to do something.

2. When used as a question, this ending is used when we want to suggest something to other people. This ending is often paired with the honorific particle (으)시 to make 실래요? when speaking in semi-formal contexts.

3. The 반말 ending is (ㄹ/을)래.

4. In general, this is a more casual ending form, even when using the honorific particle question form.


혼자 할래요. – I want to do it alone.

영화 볼래요? – Do you want to watch a movie?