Tag: 래요

  • (ㄹ/을)래요 (intention to do, suggestion)

    AV + (ㄹ/을)래요 This ending is another future form ending similar to (ㄹ/을)거예요 and (ㄹ/을)게요 except in this case, we intend to do something. If we use this ending as a question, then it acts as a suggestion similar to (ㄹ/을)까요? To make this ending, we conjugate the verb with ㄹ if the ending is […]

  • (으)시죠,(ㄹ/을)래요,(ㅂ/읍)시다,자 (Let’s do something)

    In Korean, there are many ways to say ‘let’s do [verb]’ to someone. AV + 아/어/여요! 1. The simplest way is to just conjugate the verb normally, and add some emphasis on it. 우리 햄버거 먹어요! – Let’s eat a hamburger! AV + (으)시죠! 2. Another way is to use the ending (으)시죠. This is […]

  • 다는,다고,라는,라고,자고,냐고 Indirect speech

    When we want to quote someone or reference something that you heard/said/read/etc or a fact that you know, then you have to conjugate the verb a special way in Korean, by using (이)라는,(이)라고 for nouns, and (ㄴ/는)다는,(ㄴ/는)다고 for verbs. N + (이)라고 하다 N + (이)라고 + 말하다/듣다/읽다/쓰다 N + (이)래요 1. To say that […]