Should all Hollywood movies and TV shows have every race and nationality represented for diversity, inclusiveness, political correctness and avoid offending anyone?

No I think it’s ridiculous and unfair.

I think forced diversity is a huge issue in modern day Western society. Universities have ‘affirmative’ action programs, tech companies have ‘diversity quotas’ basically these are discrimination policies. Why should it matter if a person is LGBT or black or hispanic or female? It shouldn’t, but these policies allow minorities to have an unfair advantage.

And by minority, I mean minorities specific to those industries. Asian males actually are disadvantaged when it comes to entering top universities or applying for big tech companies because they are actually in the majority.

And for Hollywood and the video game industry as well, they are trying too much to be politically correct these days, even if it isn’t being historically accurate.

Now it’s gotten to the point these days where these overly sensitive SJWs (who are NOT the majority, but just a very vocal minority of the population) effectively controls what kind of movies and games and shows are being made because the production companies want to avoid controversy.

The game ‘Kingdom Come Deliverance’ had some controversy because – get this – the game didn’t have black people in it. The historical setting is medieval Bohemia – it isn’t supposed to have black people for historical accuracy.. Yet people still complained about it. So you want it to be historically inaccurate in order to shoehorn some black or gays in? Cmon now. That’s ridiculous.

Now even beloved shows like Friends are being criticized for being ‘too white’. It’s a show set in the 1990s New York. Sure, it could have more diversity. But, 6 white friends in Manhatten isn’t too unbelievable either. (What IS unbelievable is the fact that they could afford renting that large apartment in Manhatten on a waiter’s salary).

Look, black soldiers in WW1 isn’t being racist, it’s just clearly an example of shoe-horning in diversity where it isn’t needed, because WW1 was fought in Europe at a time before most nation’s armies were integrated.

Now every game, every show, every movie needs to get blacks, gays, transgenders, latinos etc to fulfill their ‘quota’ and it’s ridiculous.

I’m an Asian guy and although I felt that Asian men were definitely under-represented in Western media, I also dislike it if they just shove in an Asian character just to fulfill some quota and not have it really be integral to the story. Most Asian guys just end up being losers in Western media, while Asian girls get treated like another ‘exotic’ love interest for the main white characters. That’s where the issue is. It’s the stereotypes, not the inclusion. (The Last Samurai might be the worst example when Tom Cruise’s character kills the Japanese feudal lord and his widowed wife inexplicably falls in love with him – can’t resist that white charm!)

How many Hollywood movies have u seen where you see a white male and an asian female (WMAF) love interest? A hell of a lot more than white female and asian male (WFAM) that’s for sure!

I.e Eternals – yeah lets put an Asian girl in there (Gemma Chan) BUT we gotta have her be a love interest for the white guy because that’s the tradition in Hollywood.

Meanwhile for Star Wars, a galaxy FULL of aliens and diverse creatures, a space western also inspired by Japanese samurais (see: Darth Vader), as well as the concept of “The Force” (a very Asian concept related to Chi energy etc) let’s have 0 Asian Jedis in the galaxy. Yup, no Asian Jedis. There was that one character that Donnie Yen played in Rogue One – but he was a waste of a character, wasn’t a true Jedi and barely got any screen time.

You see whenever Hollywood does do white-washing it’s always at the expense of Asians.

Black-washing Ariel is somehow ok with people though.

So is Spiderman. He’s ok if he’s black.

But I bet you all my money that somehow, an Asian playing Ariel or Spiderman will not be ok with people.

So yeah, I think for the most part Western society should avoid forcing diversity down our throats – and it seems to be selective. Asians for the most part get ignored or stereotyped – Shang-Chi excepted – for major Hollywood or video game characters and are sometimes even white-washed. For Blacks and LGBT it’s the opposite they get shoe-horned in everywhere.

Does it make sense guys? Asians make up 60% of the world population yet you hardly see them in Western media even with movies and games that are global in scope. On the other hand, blacks, gays and transgenders (which I am sure number less than Asians worldwide) get inserted in everywhere. It’s ridiculous.





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