Schedule for the next little while

Being a good computer scientist is like being a well-oiled machine. You gotta work on things and deal with them one after the other. A good work ethic is key to being successful at any career. You have to have the passion to accomplish something, mere talent and wanting to do something isn’t enough, you have to be able to commit and commit heavily to your goals. That’s what I am working on right now. Changing your habits is hard, as anyone will tell you.

So far I have these next few weeks planned out:

Today: RIMM Info session, start on CSC318, Planned organizations to submit proposals for: WikiMedia, WordPress. I wanted to submit a proposal for NUIgroup as well, but looking through the forums, there are so many other people who have a better understanding of MT than me, and I haven’t even had time to play around with the projects. WikiMedia, my plan is find a way to integrate OpenStreetMaps with the wiki maybe using Openlayers as a good starting library. There are many good ideas for wordpress as well, particularly the idea for Buddypress. I will think more about that later.

Mar 28-30: CSC318 Project. Working on different bugs and ideas for WordPress, Audacity and possibly Mediawiki. I plan to have two proposals done by Mar.31 (the GSoC Panel discussion).
Mar 31 – Apr 3: Submit and finish up GSoC proposals, Enrol for ECO minor, Work on CSC301 Project, Submit resumes and cover letters for PEY.
Apr 4 – Apr 8: Finish up CSC301 and CSC318 projects and preparing for demonstrations of them.

Even with only three courses, it still feels like five…=/