Public Speaking woot!

I had my first speech for Rotman Toastmasters today…and it was excellent. My speech can be found here in the speeches section.

I was kind of nervous, but I had that air of confidence. However I still managed to be quite jittery throughout the speech. This 5 minute speech was inspired by Churchill and JFK, so imagine my surprise when a distinguished toastmaster said to me after “I loved the way your voice rose up at the end, just like Kennedy!” (That comment might surprise those of you who are used to my monotone voice). I was ecstatic, there was literally no better compliment I could have received than to be compared to Jack Kennedy. I even threw in a Chinese saying in there, but probably said the translation too fast! Oh well, I still surprised myself, I still wish I had a podium to put my notes though!

I’ve been in front of the public before, but that was always as a musician, playing and singing. Public speaking is quite close to that, you’re basically ‘performing’ in front of an audience. You gesture, you move, your voice and tone changes throughout. You deliver a message meant to motivate, inspire or convince people. The rhetoric is important, but the speech must be delivered as eloquently as how it is written. You have to have confidence – that is key.

But man! How come I can deliver a speech that confidently and yet still be awkward in front of pretty girls? I think that would be the next thing to work on, and I wish I could participate in a course on that. Oh well – whether I succeed or fail – whether I win or lose – the experience always leaves a good impression on myself no matter what.






2 responses to “Public Speaking woot!”

  1. Maria Avatar

    Wow, congratulations! I think speech is a skill that you have to keep practicing in front of an audience, or by filming yourself in private, and has wonderful benefits. Practice is key, and watching newspeople every once in a while can’t hurt.

    I still have that same problem when talking to people too, somehow my nervousness just bleeds through, and because there aren’t any notes to refer to, I feel underprepared and awkward. But it’s still public speaking in a sense, maybe the key here is to talk to even MORE people. Yaay comfort zones?

  2. Tong Zou Avatar

    Thanks. Yeah I know what you mean, there needs to be a course titled – The Art of Conversation. =) I would go for that.

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