Preserving my memories

Most people have regrets in their life about things they did. Me on the other hand, I have many regrets about the things I didn’t do rather than the things I did do. And most of these regrets is about preserving my memories. I cherish my memories a lot because someday when I’m older I want to remember the things that happened in my past. So a lot of my regrets revolve around not preserving my memories better.

I have a handful of pictures of myself and my friends from high school. I have pretty much no pictures with my friends in university. This is mostly because I didn’t have a smartphone back then, , and I only carried my digital camera on special occasions like trips. But even then, I had a 3.2mp cameraphone at the time, and an iPhone3G which could have taken pictures back then, so its more that I didn’t have the habit of taking pics with friends. So from 2006-2011, pretty much I didn’t take any pictures with my phone or smartphone, which means I have very few pictures aside from trips or vacations, which I regret.

From 2012, I got an iPhone 4S, so I started to take more pictures, but again I still didn’t have a habit of taking that many yet, so most of my pictures were from outdoor shots. I rarely ever took shots indoors with my friends, so I have no pics in 2012 or 2013 in clubs or parties or karaokes (even tho I went to those things alot). I have some pictures of food, but thats kind of useless for memories because I can’t remember who I was eating with when I can’t see people’s faces. And I rarely took video with my phone back then because I only had 16GB of storage which was filled with songs so it would run out of space if I took video. Also, unfortunately I have no video of myself either since I was always the one holding the camcorder on trips. So as a result, 2012-2013 I basically only have pics outdoors with my friends, which I regret.

In 2014, I got an iPhone 5S, so the pictures took alot faster, and better low light indoor pictures, and I bought the 32GB model so I could take some videos as well. So these last 2 years double as my most well-preserved years, so I don’t regret last year as much.

Another thing I like to do is to save chat logs with my friends so I can look back on what we said later. I used MSN Messenger from 2005-2010 so that period is fairly well preserved since MSN autosaves the chats onto your computer. Then from 2011 I started using Kakaotalk because most of my friends were Korean and I was meeting a lot of Koreans. Unfortunately, the period from 2011-2013 (which were my most exciting years) were not well preserved because the majority of my kakao chats were deleted accidentally when I changed phones to my 5S (I thought that Kakao stored all their chats on the server but they don’t). In addition, my external hard drive was accidentally reformatted in early 2014 as well (thanks Lenovo for your terrible warnings).

So regretfully the only chats I have from that period, which was an amazing time, are from Facebook, which keeps the chats on the Facebook server, unlike Kakao which keeps chats locally. It’s too bad that I used Kakao way more than facebook messenger tho. So if you ever lose your phone or delete your kakao app, say goodbye to your precious chats 🙁 I learned the hard way. Again, from 2014 its fairly well-preserved since I didn’t change phones or lose my phone yet, but I wish I had all my chats from 2011/2012/2013 :(.

I know we shouldn’t dwell on the past too much, but I do like to preserve a lot of my memories, and unfortunately I didn’t do a very good job of it before 2014. I will definitely try to take more pics with friends and videos and backup chats going forward though. While I do cherish my old memories, I do want to create new ones as well.