Google Summer of Code 2009

Project Summary
I participated in submitting a proposal to GSoC this year and the organization I was interested in doing development for is (unsurprisingly) WordPress, the same software that is powering this site. WordPress is a software that I love using more and more each day. Since my area of expertise and passion is to create and adapt different themes, my proposal was to extend the functionality of theme installers to provide for the installing and activation of relevant plugins that are related to the theme and to further extend this functionality to child plugins as well. On Apr 20, 2009 my proposal was rejected. However many proposals similar to mine did get accepted and I had taken a PEY offer at the time also, so I was not surprised. However it was a good learning and writing experience for me and it does not discourage me from participating in future GSoCs.

Technologies used
Wordpress uses PHP and HTML so primarily, I would be coding in those languages. I already am familiar with them due to past experience with designing websites and hope to improve my skills further.

Roles and Responsiblities
If accepted, I would be working with a mentor who overlooks my progress and submits evaluation reports based on what I accomplished, how well I stuck to the schedule, etc. I will be working alone, and relying upon the support of my mentor and the WordPress community in accomplishing this project.

Project details
Here is my proposed schedule this summer, according to Google’s timeline:

Proposed schedule for GSoC, numbers will explained below
Proposed schedule for GSoC, numbers will explained below

The numbers represent each stage of development.
1. Reading up articles, Codex, discussing with mentors and WP community about the details of my project.
2. Working on basic installer cases and testing them.
3. Working on advanced installer cases, debugging and testing them.
4. Further testing and debugging, activating/deactivating specific plugins in the package. Testing with existing frameworks.
==Midterm evaluation==
5. Extending child themes to use child plugins and other instances of the installer.
6. Wrapping up leftover unimplemented functionality, and providing exclusive child theme plugin activation/deactivation.
7. Patching bugs and issues that was missed and posted to WP/Trac.
==Final Evaluation==

GSOC 2009 WordPress Proposal