CSC309: Web Programming

Project Summary
This project was designed to help build an interactive web site that allows subscriptions and licensing content from various media including pictures, radio stations, mp3 stations, tv channels, movie channels, etc.

Technologies used
The website was built using HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX and especially making use of the DHTMLx and JQuery libraries, both invaluable tools for facilitating layouts and DOM object manipulation. If progress on this project continued, JSP and server side includes were going to be added as well.

Responsibilities and Roles
My main responsibility was to create the initial implementation and code it. However the project was not satisfactory and ‘deviated’ too much from what the professor wanted. On all accounts, my web site had a more “Web 2.0” feel and was generally more intuitive and looked much better than the professor’s version. However, he did not agree.

Project Details

The site was planned to be a multimedia site capable of displaying pictures much like Gallery, Serve as a online radio station like and stream tv and videos like Youtube. Users would be able to upload videos and content for free, but people who wanted to subscribe to this ‘exclusive’ content must pay a subscription fee. In addition, users who wanted to license content for use by other users must also pay a fee. In this way, it is akin to Microsoft’s XNA project and Apple’s Iphone developer project in that both the company and it’s users can be rewarded for content and development. Sadly the project was not finished, but the idea was there and the proof of concept was also there for potential future repercussions for e-commerce.

iMedia Home Page
iMedia Home Page

Github Repo