CSC108 – Introduction to Computer Programming

Project Summary
Structures of computers; the computing environment. Programming in Java. Elementary data types, statements, control flow, functions, classes, objects, methods, fields. Lists; searching, sorting and complexity.

Technologies used:
Java was the programming language used when I took this course. Dr Java was the beginner’s IDE, with simple debugging and compiling controls. JUnit was the testing tool used for this course.

This course is an introduction to object-oriented programming and serves as the beginner’s guide to basic programming such as the if statement, while and for loops, arrays, updating variables and different sorting algorithms such as selection sort and insertion sort.

Project details
As a final assignment, the professor asked us to program a simple game. The game is called Maze Race (similar to the Atari 2600 classic Maze Craze), with two players, Ada (denoted A) and Charles (denoted C). Each player moves in a confined maze with boundaries and the first to reach the goal (G) wins the game. Backtracking through the maze is not allowed. The game is run on the command line, supports both text and GUI versions, and uses an external txt file as the maze.

Maze Race, the first to reach G without backtracking wins!
Maze Race, the first to reach G without backtracking wins!

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  1. Osvaldo Bayliff Avatar
    Osvaldo Bayliff

    Although one programmer has the necessary skills and knowledge to work competently on a problem or even create a program, he or she can only do so much. Creating the source code for an operating system, for example, will require thousands of manhours from a single programmer and most probably, he or she will only be halfway through. There just isn’t enough time for one or even two programmers to work effectively to produce a usable program..^

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