Portfolio launched

My Porfolio is finally done, after many days of delay and laziness. The menu bars still aren’t consistent, as you will see the blog tab is not highlighted; that is because wordpress makes the blog page the home page which makes my css behave differently. In addition, sub pages of any page will not have the tab highlighted either, though I don’t think you will notice.

Sheet music and videos are all linked and added in the media section. There will be more to come once I have more time to perform =/.

In other news, apparently you can use past TTC passes to get taxes back. I didn’t know this before; no one told me, it wasn’t advertised anywhere, TTC passes are taxed? In any case, I lost about $15*12 = $180, coincidentally the same amount of money I lost in my stock portfolio today by selling my shares too early yesterday. Yeah…I’m not the most financially adept person, so you probably won’t want to entrust me with your money.

BTW if anyone has an interesting blog for me to read, let me know and I’ll put it on my blogroll =D