Who were the most passionate players in NBA history?

If you mean intensity and always gave 100% on the court, theres a few:

-Bill Russell would throw up before every big game – he had a psychological desire to win games not unlike Michael Jordan

-similarly Jerry West would feel physically sick if he lost a game.

-Rick Barry still holds grudges against his former teammates to this day for small things like missing an inbounds pass

-Dave Cowens would foul out quite often because of his intensity, there’s a famous video of him sliding aross the floor for a loose ball in the 1974 finals i believe

-Michael Jordan, obviously had a psychological competitiveness and in his HOF speech still held grudges against former players and coaches

-Dennis Rodman and his zeal for rebounding, its like he had a psychological need to rebound. Also other undersized rebounders like Charles Barkley and Wes Unseld; you need to be ferocious to be undersized yet still outrebound everyone else.

-Kobe Bryant, inherited a lot of Jordan’s competitiveness, also an asshole to his teammates much like early Jordan and Barry

-Isiah Thomas, Allen Iverson and Russell Westbrook, small guys who just gave 110% every time they were out on the court

If the Beatles were the best band of all time, who was second best?

Well have to be honest here, like some other answers mentioned, the Beatles were incomparable in the influence, impact, quality of songs, popularity etc they had in such a short amount of time (1963–1969). No other band really comes close to this, even during 40+ year careers. The Beatles are the best selling band in pop history – 800 million records sold. There’s no other band or solo act that comes close to that.

List of highest-certified music artists in the United States – Wikipedia

List of best-selling music artists – Wikipedia

Although Elvis Presley comes the closest – his claimed sales numbers are dubious in comparison to the Beatles considering the certified sales numbers are about 50 million less. I would guess that Elvis and Michael Jackson have both sold around 300–400 million-ish records, which would still put them quite behind the Beatles.

Other bands like Garth Brooks, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, Madonna, Elton John, Celine Dion etc are all behind Beatles/Elvis/MJ.

Yes I know popularity doesn’t necessarily equal the best, but how else does someone measure how ‘good’ or ‘successful’ a band is if not by sales? By sales, the Beatles is objectively the best band, and its unlikely that any other band or solo artist will surpass them.