Is there any good audio equipment still made in the USA?

Audio is actually still one of the sole remaining industries of which a significant portion is still made and/or assembled in America, especially the high end brands. The List – American Made Audio

In addition to alot of the good answers here about home and portable audio, I would also like to add that as a guitarist, a significant chunk of high end guitars and amps are still made in the USA as well. Fender’s American made guitars, Gibson’s guitars, Gretsch, Guild, G&L and boutique brands like PRS, Suhr are all made in USA. Fender, Mesa Boogie and some boutique brands like Two-Rock, Swart, Milkman (What I personally have), Tone King, Greer, Matchless etc are all made in the USA.

Guitar pickups especially the handmade guitar pickup industry (giants like Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio and smaller ones like Lindy Fralin, Lollar etc) are all made in the USA sometimes by just one guy in his home, somewhere.

Boutique guitar pedals are all made in the USA as well. Wampler, Keeley, JHS, Earthquaker, Xotic, etc

So I’d say if you really want to buy made in USA products, the high end or boutique audio/guitar industry is a good bet.

Who is a historical figure that’s seen as a hero in one culture but as a villain in another?

There’s lots…

Vladimir Lenin is seen as as hero in Russia but a villain in the West

Kim Il Sung is the eternal leader of North Korea and worshipped there, but a villain everywhere else

Mao Zedong is seen as mostly a good figure in Chinese culture, but a mass murderer in the West

Che Guevara is seen as a communist matyr, but as a psychopath in non communist countries

Alexander the Great is seen as a hero in Greek/Western culture but as a barbarian in Persia

Genghis Khan is seen as a brilliant conqueror by Mongolians and somewhat by the West but as a brutal murderer in the countries he conquered

Napoleon is seen as a hero and brilliant military tactician in France but a mass murdering despot in the countries he invaded

Winston Churchill is seen as an icon in British culture but a mass murderer by the Indians

Christopher Columbus is a hero to much of the Spanish and Europeans, but seen as a mass murderer by native Americans

Andrew Jackson was a hero of most of the working class population of the US back in the 1800s but in modern times is considered a mass murderer

Abraham Lincoln was the savior of the United States but an enemy to the Confederate States

Donald Trump is seen as one of the best Presidents ever by certain Americans, but is reviled almost everywhere else except Russia

I mean this list can really go on and on.. there’s very few people that are almost universally liked and disliked (Hitler comes up as an example who is almost universally disliked)

What is the best team in the past 15 years should have won a championship but didn’t?

-2000 Portland Trailblazers (lost to Lakers in 7)

-2002 Sacramento Kings (lost to Lakers in 7, controversially)

-2005 Detroit Pistons (lost to Spurs in 7)

-2006 Dallas Mavericks (lost to Heat in 6)

-2008 Los Angeles Lakers (lost to Celtics in 7)

-2011 Miami Heat (lost to Mavericks in 6)

-2013 San Antonio Spurs (lost to Heat in 7)

-2016 Golden State Warriors (lost to Cavs in 7 from up 3–1)

-2016 Oklahoma City Thunder (lost to Warriors in 7 from up 3–1)

-2018 Houston Rockets (lost to Warriors in 7)