Do I have trouble with women?

So here’s a subject I rarely talk about: My relationships with women. Alot of people believe that because I don’t seem to have alot of interest in women, that I must be 1) shy around them or 2) Homosexual. The former is sort of true while the latter is false. I am to a degree, shy around women; this comes from having no female friends in high school. Do I have certain ‘requirements’ when I look for a woman? of course. Are they high standards? No.

Allow me to elaborate, here’s a few key points or ‘requirements’ that I look for in any lady (these aren’t in any order of preference):

*Tall and skinny :
Yes, well who wants a woman who’s short and wide right? I’m looking for ideally 5’5 and up (I’m 5’11), and since I weigh about 125 lbs, preferably not more than that.

*Good attitude, likable personality:
Well, clearly a person who doesn’t swear alot (I don’t swear that much), has good sense of humor and can get along with everyone is a very good thing.

*Share similar interests:
Being interested in anime, graphics, games, music, art, design, cars, gadgets, etc always helps. My interests are vast so this shouldn’t be difficult.

*Dresses/Acts like a girl, not a tomboy:
This one is a doozy since it rules out 80% of the women in my major and my workplace, but its a big one for me. Don’t try to look like a guy. Your hair shouldn’t be as short as mine. Skirts, Dresses, Heels, Flats, Earrings, etc are very very welcome! There’s a reason why you women get entire department stores to yourself and it’s certainly not to look as boring as I do.

*Able to hold an intelligent conversation:
If you got in UofT, then intelligence shouldn’t be a problem.

*Decent looking face:
I’m not looking for a gorgeous face, but as long as you’re not wearing glasses and don’t have a face full of acne, then you should be fine.

That’s it! It’s not that much, seriously. Most guys will agree with me on these points. I don’t care if you’re asian or white as long as you have these points, although being able to speak Mandarin is a definite plus! (this is beginning to sound like one of those dating ads….).
Most of my female friends however, break the tomboy rule quite often, so meeting a girl who actually dresses/acts like a girl would be nice.

Feeling pretty distressed…

Yes I am having a bad time right now. Most of what I’ve feared has come true. I’ve received no responses to my bids for a part-time job. Even the call center is not hiring anymore. Looks like I’m out of money and out of time….

My wish to get a new automobile led to me getting scammed $300. UC Registrar is denying me entrance to the commerce course, leaving me with no other option for a second major. Even TD is denying me a student line of credit.

Am I still confident things can work out for me in the end? Perhaps, but they will take work. I don’t give up on my goals, no matter how dire the circumstances look. All this means is that the effort needs to be ramped up a bit and I’ll update you when I have things sorted out.

I’ll leave you with a quote from JFK (as I often do):

Our problems are man-made, therefore they can be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings. And man’s reason and spirit have often solved the seemingly unsolvable.

Stuff that pisses me off

Its not often that I get PO’d about anything, but there are some things that happen which piss me off and I’d rather not share them on my site which can be viewed by employers, so I’ll share them here instead.

1) Why is it so hard to find a part-time job? I think I got more interviews before I was on PEY than after. Am I overqualified or something? 0 responses out of 30 emails? cmon. WTF is up with that?

2) Why can’t I get a loan even when I am employed for 16 months. That guy at RBC really pissed me off today. Apparently I can get a student-line of credit but I can’t get a general purpose loan. Why the hell not? Isn’t debt all the same? Nope, apparently when the purpose is different there’s different criteria, which is bullshit. He had the nerve to tell me I couldn’t get a loan because my work is not full time, it’s ‘temporary’. Why the hell not? I work full time, I make more than some people who work full time do, so why the hell am I automatically denied a loan because of my 16 month employment? Gay ass shit.

3) Why is the UC registrar being such a bitch about me enrolling in RSM100Y1? All I want to do is take that management course which is supposed to be (according to calendar) open to A&S students, space permitting. I already talked with the PEY director about enrolling. I have the money. I have intention to do well to switch majors. It should be no problem for me to enroll, yet they are so hard-headed about letting me in. Apparently, it’s only open to students in Commerce and first year students. Well thats stupid, because 90% of students in Commerce are going to specialize so they are not interested in the major. Why not 4th year students like me? I have the right to enroll in courses earlier so I should have more priority too. Why do I have to get permission from Commerce to do it? Why is it so hard to change my damn major? Other PEY students can take courses just fine, but I have to jump through 30 hoops to do it.

See, I get pissed off when people stand in the way of my goals…and I’ll find one way or another of obtaining my goals so don’t even bother.