Appearance and new glasses

Appearance affects your everyday life greatly

I’ve always been a firm believer in this. Your appearance, the way you dress and the way you exert yourself is how your first impression is upon your employers and upon everyone else you meet in everyday life. Therefore I think it is paramount that people should take the time to look their best everyday. Laziness never produces success. When you put time into how you look it reflects upon other people because they think of how much detail and attention you put into yourself can be transferred to other things such as school and work.

I’ve particularly (and especially after playing Fallout 3 and Bioshock which are amazing games) developed a good fashion sense for the 1940s and 1950s.

Classic style from 1940s and 1950s

Classic style from 1940s and 1950s

Fedoras, Trenchcoats, Suede Shoes and that classic ‘New Yawk’ accent all capture that great class and sophistication I like. I’ve been working on trying to capture that vibe for many ‘yeas’ now. Hopefully I can shed that small town middle of the road accent soon.

I got a new haircut and new glasses today and here is a pic of them:

New Glasses

New Glasses

I went for blue semi-rimless Armani Exchanges, you can see of the blue tint on there since I used flash. Also the haircut was just a trim done in chinatown. I think my Mandarin is improving. I got the glasses at Pmall and haircut at Seefu done without a hitch. Hopefully I can also get some work done on the rest of this site today as well.

Dropped courses, Stocks

So I got back my 373 midterm with a 20%…so not surprisingly I had to drop it. Now I only have 3 courses so far, which gives me alot of free time. I also switched 301 groups since my old group kicked me out. It’s not as bad as one might think since we are doing code swapping for the next assignment (which got pushed back). So school seems to be chugging along, I’m not happy about dropping courses but at least I’ll know that all my marks should (hopefully) be over 3.0 this semester.

I have an eye exam on friday which will give me a new prescription and I can finally get new glasses. An economics test is coming up which I have yet to study for. Overall my 3 courses give me alot of freedom. I should use some of this time to finish my portfolio and the rest of this website once I get off my lazy ass to do it.

My portfolio has been losing value but today the DJIA went up 300 points thanks to Citi. I sold off my CHL, BBY and RIMM, not because I didn’t think they would go up but because I don’t want to much borrowed interest. I’ve got about $800+ USD worth of borrowed money right now and I have to pay that off soon. On the other hand, AUY dropped quite a bit and I went in for 200 shares. Gold always comes down when stocks go up and the reverse. Also, FDX and PG are losing me tons of money, I guess I will go long on those, since they are big companies I have faith. Speaking of big companies, GE went up 20% and I have faith it will continue to go up so …. (goes in for 50).

Stressful much?

Today, my Oracle interview went over not as well as I had hoped…there were several times where I was at a loss of words for what to say, they asked me what problems had I encountered with my project team members, and the truth is just today I had received an email from them saying that they had a problem with me. I didn’t want to say that people didn’t like me for whatever reason, and I was at a loss for words on why I wanted a position as a QA specialist.
To add to my troubles, the interview was right before my midterm, so I arrived late for my midterm, and it wasn’t an easy midterm to do either, I feel like I BSed most or all of it. *sigh* I can’t afford to drop another course….=/