Who’s better right now Russell Westbrook or James Harden?

Wow! Two really close players here. Let’s take a look. I have Russell Westbrook as a top 10 PG and James Harden as a top 10 SG all time.

Scoring: Harden. Westbrook is a great scorer but Harden scores really effortlessly, he’s also better both at FTs and from 3PT range.

Rebounding: Westbrook.

Assists: tied. When Harden plays the PG position in the D’Antoni system he can average 10–12 assists a game. Westbrook can average a triple double so he can also average over 10 assists a game.

Shooting: Harden. His TS% is higher, and as I mentioned is a better FT and 3PT shooter than Westbrook.

Defense: tied. neither are great defenders, none have ever been all-defensive and both average around 2 steals a game.

Awards: tied. 1 MVP and multiple All-NBA teams for both. Neither have any rings.

I would take Harden slightly over Westbrook just because of his ability to exploit the game for points using free throws. Westbrook will get you that triple double but he mostly makes the rest of your team worse while doing so. Harden seems to elevate his teammates more than Westbrook does.

Looks like I’ve just lost all my money …

So it appears QuadrigaCX, the Canadian crypto exchange I used to transfer my money from the US to Canada, is doing really shady things with that money. Not only is my money taking 3+ months to arrive so far but every time I ask support they have the same excuse and just asking me to wait another 2 weeks every time.

Now recently they announced their CEO passed away last month under mysterious circumstances in India, and haven’t been giving any updates since. I have over $500k+ CAD stuck in that account. They aren’t letting anyone withdraw anything anymore or cancel the withdrawals that went out before. This really isn’t good. As if losing $170k in crypto last year wasn’t enough – this time it just feels unfair.

At least last year it was definitely my fault for taking on so much risk – taking out 3 loans, investing in shady ICO scams and masternode scams – that’s all my fault for taking on so much risk, but this is just crazy. QuadrigaCX operated for over 5 years as Canada’s (formerly before this fiasco) biggest crypto exchange. I already had an account with them before in 2017 so I just decided to use them to move my US money over back to Canada – I thought I was being clever avoiding the bank’s commission fees and getting a 6% premium on top of that – and now as it turns out, I might have just lost the rest of my money too. For picking the wrong exchange and for trying to get my money back to Canada after selling my SF apartment. Unbelievably, my luck keeps getting worse.

This is so unfair. I wasn’t even trying to invest in anything this time! Now on top of that, I am also actively interviewing for jobs around Seattle as well – so lately I’ve been quite stressed.

Imagine having all your life savings tied up in a shady crypto exchange that might go bankrupt at anytime – and having to focus on doing coding exercises on top of that. And then I’ll have to deal with getting another visa after that which is always a hassle.

I really hope that I get my money back, hoping and praying everyday that it isn’t a scam. Everyday I go on reddit and twitter to check if there’s any updates from QuadrigaCX and so far nothing. I wonder if I’ll have to get a lawyer and contact the RCMP about this eventually. Hope it doesn’t come to that.

Who are the biggest remaining snubs from the basketball Hall of Fame?

Out of those eligible (5 years+ retired or more) here’s who I would pick as the top 10 remaining snubs:

  1. Chris Webber. 5x All Star, 5x All NBA, averaged 21/10/4. Top 15 PF all time.
  2. Marques Johnson. 5x All Star, 3x All NBA, averaged 20/7/3.6 – top 25 SF all time.
  3. Ben Wallace. 4x DPOY, 5x All-NBA, 6x All-Defensive. One of the top 10 greatest defensive players of all time.
  4. Sidney Moncrief. 5x All-Star. 5x All-NBA. 2x DPOY. One of the greatest defensive guards of all time.
  5. Chauncey Billups. 5x All-Star, 3x All-NBA, 1x Finals MVP. Top 25 PG all time.
  6. Kevin Johnson. 5x All-NBA. averaged 18/3/9. Top 25 PG all time.
  7. Tim Hardaway. 5x All-NBA. averaged 18/3/8. Similar situation to KJ above. Top 25 PG all time.
  8. Bobby Jones. 10x All-Defensive. 4x All-Star. One of the greatest defensive players of all time.
  9. Bob Dandridge. 2x Champion, 4x All-Star. Averaged 18.5/7/3, top 25 SF all time.
  10. Alvin Robertson. 4x all-star, DPOY, 6x All-Defensive, all-time leader in steals average. One of the greatest defensive guards of all time.

Mark Aguirre, Mark Price, Paul Westphal, Jack Sikma, Mark Eaton, Buck Williams, Fat Lever, Tom Chambers and Brad Daughtery are a few other names I would throw out there as well.