Are Michelin restaurants highly overrated/hyped?

overrated? No. Overhyped? Perhaps.

I think in general fine dining is overhyped or at the very least not a very good value – you are paying more and generally getting less food, its just packaged and served very nicely – is that worth the extra 4x-5x premium over a regular restaurant? not sure. Not for me, at least.

First of all I find taste so subjective, that’s why I always take Yelp reviews with a grain of salt, because what someone else finds delicious, I might find revolting. There’s been cases where I found a bowl of $2 instant ramen more delicious than a $40 meal I paid for at some fancy restaurant. Yes, its true.

Secondly, Michelin restaurants are based on reputation as much as anything else, and it’s been widely reported that Michelin inspectors are biased towards certain chefs or certain types of cuisine.

I can speak to my experience as I go back to Korea every year – a country with so many great restaurants – I know some places in Gangnam and Yeoksam where they serve the best Hanwoo beef brisket ever, and a place in Gwanganli, Busan where its the best pork belly I’ve ever tasted. These are hole in the wall establishments that many Michelin inspectors have never been to. They were a little more expensive compared to a typical Korean restaurant on the street – but much cheaper than a typical fine dining restaurant in a Western country. The service was also phenomenal. All these restaurants put the Michelin starred restaurants and expensive fancy restaurants (yes even Korean ones) I’ve been to in US/Canada to shame.
Costs a fraction of the price, not Michelin starred, and the service was also superior.

Go to China, you’ll eat way better food than any fancy high end Chinese restaurant you’ll find in the States. Same for Thailand, or Vietnam, or Taiwan etc.

And oh yeah, NO TIP for any of these places (despite the fantastic service) because its Asia, and tipping is not a thing there, thankfully. (this applies to everything in Asia btw, get your hair cut and massaged by two beautiful women, they give you a contact card and escort you out the door for $20, no tip necessary)

Except for Japan, which contains the most Michelin starred restaurants, it seems that non Western countries generally do not get Michelin inspectors even going there, which is what I mean by saying that Michelin restaurants are inherently biased to certain places. That doesn’t mean those restaurants serve the best cuisine of their kind.

I’m just speaking from my personal experience – yes Michelin restaurants are generally very good, but they are neither the best restaurants I’ve been to, and far from the best value, especially when taking into consideration non Western cuisine. You’re much better off going to a hole in the wall / mom and pop shop in that native country for those cuisines.


Are Japan and Korea really colonies/puppet-states of the USA like so many Chinese users say?

No, Chinese netizens just have an unfortunate inferiority complex so they feel the need to put down other countries to make themselves feel better about their country. What does US Puppet state even mean anyways?

Usually when Chinese netizens say this, it means that the US military has some control over that country therefore it’s a ‘puppet’ state. Well how many countries does the US military have a presence in?

Where in the World Is the U.S. Military?

Over 70+ countries. So I guess that’s a lot of US ‘puppet’ states eh?

In day to day life, this doesn’t really matter or have an effect on the lives of normal people. Yes, Korea shares joint command of their military with the USA and Japan’s constitution was written by the USA, but that doesn’t mean either country just bows down (as Chinese people like to say ‘like a dog’) to the US’s demands.

In fact, Korea can and has turned down demands from the US before: South Korea refuses to pay US$5 billion to cover cost of US troops

In every other way, Korea/Japan elects their own president, runs their own politics, and the USA has no influence in that.

I think China often uses this putdown to Korea/Japan because they are jealous that Korea/Japan developed much earlier than they did and still have higher GDP/capita so per person, Koreans/Japanese are still generally more well off than Chinese are. Plus, their soft power is far more recognized globally than Chinese soft power (Chinese wuxi isn’t exactly in high demand like kpop concerts or Japanese anime are).

So what can a Chinese do to make themselves feel better? Well, accuse those countries of not being independent, that’s what. And especially since USA is China’s enemy right?

Well, actually USA is China’s biggest trading partner – so much for being independent from the USA. It’s kind of a moot point to accuse other countries of being too dependent on America when your own country imports $150B worth of goods from America every year.



Why did Kentucky Fried Chicken get so bad?

Because their recipe and ingredients have changed substantially since Sanders sold the company, a fact often remarked upon by Colonel Sanders, himself.

Instead ,there are a variety of ways you can get the “original” KFC taste:

  1. Go to Claudia Sanders restaurant. American Restaurant Shelbyville, KY this restaurant is the successor of Colonel Sanders original restaurant in Corbin and serves the same fried chicken recipe as the original, supposedly.
  2. Try Lee’s Famous Chicken. Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Lee Cummings was the nephew of Colonel Sanders, and his recipe is a derived version of his uncle’s original recipe.
  3. Try Marion-Kay 99-X chicken seasoning. Sanders himself asked Marion-Kay to recreate his recipe. “While alive, Sanders recommended the Marion-Kay seasoning to franchisees over the corporate version, as he believed the latter had been made inferior by its owners[1] ” This recipe was considered as close to the original recipe as you could get, and after Sanders died, KFC barred Marion-Kay from selling the seasoning to their franchisees.