Memories ^_^

Comments that people have left me about our times together

Peter Forbes

When we were in Walmart, and then instead of going into the right car, we went into one that looked just like it that was unlocked. And while we were trying to start the engine, you were staring at a 4 year old girl sitting in the back seat. Then you calmly said “I think we’re in the wrong car” but noone was listening because we were trying to figure out why the key didn’t fit in the ignition. Then we heard you after several times, realized what was happening, and ran away laughing our heads off. We even forgot to close the doors behind us.

It will cause her permanent trauma, but it makes a good story.

Anaia Shaw

having random facebook conversations and then never seeing each other.

wait, that’s not a memory… that’s reality.

Michael Simonds

When I thought you were hitting on Mike Gonder 🙂

Lisa Liu

this is cool.. i first met u during frosh on toronto island.. haha

Sietske Barnes

when we saw metric with joe and dj.

coincidentally, also when we first met.

Curtis Alexander Ke Wang

spinning tracks for Def Jam Records. that was da shit

Kathy Ramirez

yea… i remember when we first met. we talked about Jimi Hendrix alot and you were gunna buy a guitar like his too! not too much of a memory though…

Shawna Joy

Hahaha…will and I trying to take care of you at prom, and you throwing bread and water everywhere. Ah. Died. lol.

and the guitar tongue playing was pretty impressive as well.

Sherry Lu

hey remember how I don’t really know you? lol

Kathleen Dykes

dance off. science hall. grade 11… quite a show

Kent Lam

I think it was you who continually defiled my soy sauce with increasingly disgusting amounts of wasabi every time I left the table… >__>

I’ll return the favour next time XD

Mark Fong

LOL memories eh?? for doing the above to Kent 😀

Jill Rittymanee

that time when u were super gay
which is all the time
jk i cant think :S

So Phoe

uh, memory of your wallposts? LOL

Jason Chow

The major memory I have with you was from Cooch P.S. and we were both taken out of our classes to see if we could talk to each other, but the whole cantonese vs. mandarin thing didn’t work haha. Yeah that lady was so wierd..

Adrian Yearwood

You played the guitar wth your teeth. Nothing more needs to be said.

Katherine Tran

separated by birth yes. On different dates! That’s what makes us special, TONG! haha well we have great memories together! They are actually documented on facebook walls! They’re endless comments on how pretty you are 😛

Tong Zou

I remember Tong very well…In fact I am him! You could say that it takes Tong to know Tong.

Clubs in UofT

I am officially a member of the following clubs at UofT:

University of toronto anime and manga association (UTAMA)

Asian Federation of charitable university students (FOCUS)

University of toronto chinese students association (UTCSA)

Canadian Asian Students Society (CASS)

University of toronto sororities

One thing I have noticed is the abundance of asian and chinese clubs at U of T. While I support Asian diversity, it seems a bit too much. I mean, having one debate club is enough, but do we really need to have a chinese debate club, taiwan debate club, cantonese debate club, etc. Seems kinda redundant and superflous of them. It also segregates people even more. I see a Chinese students association, Hong kong student association, Taiwan student association, etc. I mean they are all a part of china for christ sake why have so many clubs. I feel like the caucasian people here are actually part of a minority and kinda left out. I don’t see many western european clubs in contrast to the vast amount of asian clubs here.

Bottom line is, while asian diversity is nice and everything, Isn’t it better to have asians and caucasians and taiwanese and japanese all get along instead of having different clubs for each? seems to me that its actually encouraging racism and ethnicism in a way instead of subverting it.

People at the CNE disgust me.

Seriously, what is with people these days? I am a screen door demonstator and here are some of the questions that I am asked. “Can I open it with my foot?” “If I stand behind it, will I be invisible?” “Is the lock on the outside or inside?”.
Seriously, think before you act people, can you really be that dense? Admist all the retards and the buffoons, I have to put up with the salesmen in front of our booth. They have an all-star roster of deranged and psychotic people that just disgust me.
Specimen one: We call him the weasel. He puts about 60 tons of grease in his hair everyday, looks weird and is just plain psycho. His conversations include everything from throwing a pencil at our booth to braggin about his ‘pornstar’ bipolar girlfriend.
Specimen two: We call him the british imperialist. He is incredibly old, incredibly chubby and incredibly racist. enough said.
Specimen three: A guy with a broken nose and a huge beard that constantly hits on women 30 years younger than him. Creep.
Specimen four: The most recent one, this guy is just monstrously gigantic, has a huuuugeee gut and sits and waddles all day. Me and dagomar made a sketch of him today and I’d say its pretty accurate.
There are more specimens but you get my drift. Even more incredible, the CNE boasts more freaks than the circus. Here are some of the people I found walking around.
-Tattoo man, who is covered in tatoos. Another man who has a giant tattoo on his forehead, I’m sure people avoid looking at him.
-Chipmunk man, a man who acts like a rat and has huge buckteeth sticking out from him
-Raggity ann we call her, somebody who seems to have been hit by the ugly stick at least 50 times and somehow survived.
-A woman who has no neck at all. Another woman who has half a leg, and it was just plain hilarious to see her walk around.
-Obese people. Now I know that canada has alot of obese people but I’m pretty sure at least half of them end up here. the worst was the man who actually could not walk because his fat went below his knees and needed a cart to move around. I mean the guy looked like a small planet! I kid you not, how he manages to breathe and go to the bathroom is nothing short of a miracle.

So guys, I encourage you all to go to the CNE next year to check out some of the most freakiest people on earth. free of charge. Also remember to get some free razors. To others who work here: Don’t you feel special? =)