Names, Aliases and Screennames

Nothing else to write about these days, so I will talk about how I got the screen-name Gofishus, alot of people ask me why its so weird and why I use it everywhere. Here’s the story:

When I was 12 (Grade 7), I was obsessed with Anime. In particular, Dragonball Z (I continue to watch it even today)…My first web site was called “Tong’s DBZ Domain” and so DBZ influenced me alot at that time. So I went on alot of forums about it to gather information about character bios and power levels and such and one of them was DBZGTLegacy forums. One of the poster’s names was called ‘Gofish’ with the title Gofishus Maximus and I had no online alias or presence at that time so I chose to use it too because I thought it sounded cool. And so, that was the basis of my email and my msn and I’ve used it ever since. I probably should change it one of these days but the email is already in way too many places and its hard to change them all.

So there’s the story of my main username, Gofishus. I’m also known as ‘Gofish’ to my Ragnarok Online buddies because that was my main characters name there. Actually, I had another char named Gofishus but didn’t use it as often. Other online aliases I’ve gone by include ‘Proximus’, ‘-=X=-‘, ‘Magnus Eisengrim’, ‘Shadow Zero’ and ‘Xerpent’. Some of these names I took from other Ragnarok Online people cause I liked them (the names, not the people).

As for names in general… I was born in China and came to America very young, so my parents never gave me an English name nor a middle name. My Chinese name is Xitong. Pronounced ‘She-tong’ in English, and my last name often gets mispronounced as ‘Zoo’ or ‘Zow’. In fact, “Zou” is pronounced ‘Zo’ in English. I’ve adopted the nickname Tong since Grade 2 because its easier to pronounce for westerners. I’ve thought about English names before but never wanted one cause I wanted to maintain my Chinese identity. Why would I get an American name if I was born in China? My brother was born here, so it’s appropriate that he has a western name, but not me. Some people call me ‘Tony’ by mistake because of my bad handwriting (g looks like a y) and ‘Tom’ if they heard my name for the first time (Tong sounds like Tom I guess?).

I have preferences for certain English names though, and it depends on how it sounds. I like the name ‘Kai’ and its interesting because that’s a name given both in China and in Germany. ‘Vincent’ is also a cool name that is not too common and a bit exotic in flavor. I dislike names which are Biblical in origin (e.g John, David, Joseph, Michael, Mary, etc) and prefer those which are Greek/Roman in origin (Alexander, Melissa, Victoria etc), and particularly for girls I like French names (Amelia, Katherine, etc)

Anyways, that’s my opinions on names. I’m not gonna have a child anytime soon so the consequence of these preferences are very little =)