My parents are Chinese but they hate Korean culture. My gf is Korean, what can I do to make them accept my relationship?

Nothing. bigots and ignorant people will always be bigots and ignorant people. Not much is going to change that. You’ll notice that the Chinese hate Koreans for irrational reasons and they have not been to Korea, because if they went to Korea or interacted with Koreans they would know how deluded they are.

I’ve had many Chinese spout out complete BS like all Koreans are fake and plastic, believe they are superior to Chinese, like to claim everything is theirs, arrogant and nationalistic etc and other crap like that. I’ve personally visited Korea every year and have many Korean friends so I know this isn’t true (and the irony is Chinese are guilty of many of the things they accuse Koreans of doing!)

Thankfully my parents are open minded, but if your parents are against it, then just kindly tell them you disagree and it is your life not theirs. Their behavior is what brings Chinese people bad name. They like to call other races racist and arrogant when they are the ones who are perpetrating this ridiculous nonsense. As an example I dare anyone to find me a Korean on Quora who thinks that Korean culture is superior to Chinese culture or that Koreans invented Chinese or whatever. Just one person. You can’t. Because those Koreans dont exist, they are made up by Chinese to justify their irrational hatred stemming from jealousy of a former vassal state being seen in a better light than they are. Oh yes and lets not forget all the “US puppet” claims as well. Whatever.

People like to call me Korean biased but at least I traveled to every Asian country before making my judgements. Let me ask you who is more biased, the guy who traveled all of Asia regularly or the guy who only lived in China before and gets all his Korea/Japan news from internet trolls?





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