My first blog in a long time…

This is my first time blogging since High school. The reason for this is because of I was reluctant to commit to one during my life as a university student. The more I go through university however, the more I realize that documenting my daily day-to-day activities might be useful for my future. Sometimes, I may look back on my previous actions and learn from them. Therefore, with this new revelation, I shall start this new journey of documenting.

Thoughts at the moment:
I need to revise my portfolio. After my Epson interview I realized I needed a more in-depth analysis of my projects and experiences. Therefore, when I have time (whenever that is), I shall revamp my website with a new layout, pehaps integrating my blogs with it. I am reluctant to register a new domain name however, last time that happened, I was tied up with university applications. But, we’ll see how necessary that may be. I currently have three projects to do, CSC318, CSC301 and CSC373. 373 seems to be a waste, I’ve worked on it for the majority of reading week, and no luck thus far. 301 I need to confer with my group more on how to place the nodes and objects. 318 I am still confused on how to design it, seems like the descriptions of the assignment is always very vague. Anyways I shall update on my progress soon. For now, I will decide how to tackle this trio of assignments.