My fashion style

People who know me, know that I love to talk about fashion, so yeah today I’ll talk about my shoes preferences. Why not. I have said that for most things in my life, like technology, phones, clothing etc I have no brand loyalty whatsoever, and tend to get whatever is the best value or best looking.

I generally prefer style over brands for everything. I also prefer brands that are not that popular over brands that are massively popular. For that reason I tend to avoid Samsung/Apple for phones and consumer brand laptops in general (preferring business laptops because they are better quality and less commonly seen in public). For technology I guess you can say I lean towards Sony, but thats mainly because Sony’s technology products have great style and are usually not as popular as other brands.

Ok, so for shoes, its a little different. Its pretty much the only I do have brand loyalty for. Why? I don’t know, maybe because I tend to wear them until they get worn out, which I can’t say for anything else.

From high school to university, all I wore were Adidas. I loved the three stripes, and wore them exclusively over other shoes from 2004-2011ish pretty much. These were my ‘Toronto’ shoes.

Adidas shoes

After I graduated university, I switched to mostly Converse and Vans shoes (they are fairly similar quality and style anyways). So from 2012-2014 I wore Jack Purcells alot. These were my ‘San Francisco’ shoes.

Converse Jack Purcells

After I came to South Korea (2015-present), I switched again, to Bruce Lee signature edition Onitsuka Tigers. These babies look really nice, and are good to wear sockless as well (a trend that I’ve taken from Korean men).

Bruce Lee Onitsuka Tigers

So yeah, you can get a sense of my fashion sense there for shoes.

I also like to wear hats alot. All throughout high school, I would wear a NY Yankees Baseball Cap, pretty much all the time. After high school, I only wore hats occasionally, in 2012 me and my friend often wore army-cap style hats. Occasionally I would also bust out the fedora for special occasions like performances.

Was never without this in high school

For my upper wear, I wore a lot of hoodies, jackets and sweaters and just regular t-shirts in high school and university. After I started working, I changed to wearing mostly polo shirts or a t-shirt layered with a collar shirt. I wore plaid shirts alot when I was in California. In Korea, mostly I wore tight collar shirts with the sleeves rolled up (thats Korean fashion style).

This shirt was really common for me in San Francisco

For my bottom wear, I exclusively wore jeans from high school to my time in California. I switched to skinny jeans once I got to California and started wearing khaki’s in addition to jeans once I got to Korea.

Skinny Jeans - cause regular jeans in America dont fit me

For watches – I really like watches as well.
From high school to university, I wore mostly standard Timex/Casio digital watches. Once I got to California, I switched to a Seiko 5, then a Seiko Kinetic (self winding quartz) which I wore until I got to Korea (2011-2015). Once I got to Korea (2015-) I started wearing my current watch, the Orient Sun & Moon (automatic mechanical).

Seiko Kinetic (2011-2015)

Orient Sun & Moon (2015-)

So that’s my fashion sense. Yup – not that different from a lot of other guys, but I have my own distinctive style as well. Nothing overly fancy though – I tend to stay on the conservative side when dressing.


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