Hearthstone Decklist

Here are the decks I currently use in Hearthstone. Each one has a video showing some gameplay.

Reno Midrange Paladin (Wild)

//1 cost
1x [Righteous Protector]

//2 cost
1x [Prince Keleseth]

//3 cost
1x [Acolyte of Pain]
1x [Aldor Peacekeeper]
1x [Spring Rocket]
1x [Muster for Battle]
1x [Void Ripper]
1x [Stonehill Defender]

//4 cost
1x [Consecration]
1x [Truesilver Champion]
1x [Keeper of Uldaman]
1x [Spellbreaker]
1x [Piloted Shredder]
1x [Murloc Knight]
1x [Corpsetaker]

//5 cost
1x [Harrison Jones]
1x [Tuskarr Jouster]
1x [Sludge Belcher]
1x [Zilliax]
1x [Loatheb]

//6+ cost

1x [The Lich King]
1x [Sunkeeper Tarim]
1x [Ivory Knight]
1x [Reno Jackson]
1x [Dr. Boom]
1x [Sylvanas Windrunner]
1x [Ragnaros, Lightlord]
1x [Tirion Fordring]
1x [Ysera]
1x [Uther of the Ebon Blade]

Elemental Jade Shaman (Wild)

//1-2 cost
2x [Murmuring Elemental]
2x [Jade Claws]
2x [Menacing Nimbus]

//3 cost
2x [Lightning Storm]
1x [Brann Bronzebeard]
2x [Hot Spring Guardian]

//4 cost
2x [Jade Lightning]
2x [Jade Spirit]

//5 cost
2x [Servant of Kalimos]

//6+ cost
2x [Fire Elemental]
1x [Aya Blackpaw]
1x [Grumble, Worldshaker]
1x [Jade Chieftain]
2x [Stone Sentinel]
1x [Kalimos, Primal Lord]
1x [Al’Akir the Windlord]
1x [Hagatha the Witch]
1x [Shudderwock]
2x [Blazecaller]

Silverhand Odd Paladin (Wild)

//1 cost
2x [Acherus Veteran]
2x [Lost in the Jungle]
2x [Glow-Tron]
2x [Mecharoo]
2x [Righteous Protector]

//3 cost
1x [Divine Favor]
2x [Muster for Battle]
2x [Warhorse Trainer]
2x [Unidentified Maul]
2x [Silver Hand Regent]
2x [Steward of Darkshire]

//5 cost
2x [Quartermaster]
2x [Level Up!]
2x [Corridor Creeper]
1x [Leeroy Jenkins]

//6+ cost
1x [Baku the Mooneater]
1x [Vinecleaver]

Spell Hunter (Wild)

//1-2 cost

1x [Hunter’s Mark]
2x [Secret Plan]
2x [Explosive Trap]
2x [Venomstrike Trap]
2x [Snake Trap]

//3 cost
2x [Animal Companion]
2x [Deadly Shot]
2x [Kill Command]
2x [Eaglehorn Bow]

// 4 cost
2x [Flanking Strike]

// 5 cost
2x [Baited Arrow]

//6+ cost
2x [Lesser Emerald Spellstone]
1x [Deathstalker Rexxar]
2x [To My Side!]
1x [Crushing Walls]
1x [Call of the Wild]
1x [Rhok’delar]
1x [Zul’jin]

Nzoth CubeLock (Wild)

//1-2 cost
2x [Defile]
2x [Voidwalker]

//3 cost
2x [Hellfire]

//4 cost
2x [Voidcaller]
1x [Spiritsinger Umbra]

//5 cost
2x [Despicable Dreadlord]
2x [Sludge Belcher]
2x [Giggling Inventor]
1x [Faceless Manipulator]
2x [Carnivorous Cube]
2x [Rotten Applebaum]

//6+ cost
1x [Abyssal Enforcer]
1x [Lord Godfrey]
2x [Voidlord]
1x [N’Zoth, the Corruptor]
1x [Lord Jaraxxus]
1x [Kel’Thuzad]
1x [The Lich King]
1x [Mal’Ganis]
1x [Bloodreaver Gul’dan]

Highlander Quest Priest (Wild)

//1-2 cost
1x [Awaken the Makers]
1x [Resurrect]
1x [Dead Ringer]
1x [Loot Hoarder]
1x [Zombie Chow]
1x [Haunted Creeper]

//3 cost
1x [Vivid Nightmare]
1x [Mirage Caller]
1x [Twilight’s Call]

//4 cost
1x [Eternal Servitude]
1x [Piloted Shredder]
1x [Tortollan Shellraiser]
1x [Spiritsinger Umbra]
1x [Kazakus]
1x [Arfus]
1x [Barnes]

//5 cost
1x [Sludge Belcher]
1x [Raza the Chained]
1x [Carnivorous Cube]

//6+ cost
1x [Reno Jackson]
1x [Cairne Bloodhoof]
1x [Sylvanas Windrunner]
1x [Dragonfire Potion]
1x [Lightbomb]
1x [Da Undatakah]
1x [Obsidian Statue]
1x [Kel’Thuzad]
1x [Shadowreaper Anduin]
1x [Zerek’s Cloning Gallery]
1x [N’Zoth, the Corruptor]


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