Magic the Gathering: top 15 most combotastic cards ever

In MTG there are many cards that could be considered ‘combo’ broken – it enables a billion combos with other cards. I’m going to list my top 15 combo-rific cards here.. cards that “Johnny” players love best..

  1. Doubling Season – It’s insanely powerful. Doubling the number of tokens, ok well Parallel Lives does that and no big deal – doubling the number of counters tho.. thats a much bigger deal. Especially with charge counters and planeswalkers.
  2. Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker – ok this card is nuts. Because it creates a token creature that is a copy.. that immediately has haste.. and taps to do it. Now, imagine if that creature you just copied untaps all other creatures when it comes into play.. or just untaps any other permanent (since it has haste). And it untaps Kiki-Jiki… the possibilities are endless. Part of my Hulk Flash combo used this card to create an endless army of Sky Hussars
  3. Intruder Alarm – ok just like Kiki-Jiki this does something similar – it untaps your creatures whenever another creature comes into play. Combo this with pretty much any creature generator. Could be Rhys, the Redeemed, Godsire, Imperious Perfect or just slap Presence of Gond on anything and BAM! infinite creatures
  4. Paradox Engine – it’s sort of like intruder alarm except you need to play spells but it untaps ALL nonland permanents not just creatures. If you can discount your spells or use a buyback spell or even creatures that bounce other creatures like Tradewind Rider along with some mana generators or pingers and its a winning combination.
  5. Cloudstone Curio – A card that can work well with the card I mentioned above. But yeah this card + any repeatable bounce effects + any enters the battlefield / leaves the battlefield abilities = chaos
  6. Tolarian Academy – A disgusting card that was pretty much the cause of the Combo Winter when Urza’s Saga first came out. One of the most broken cards ever printed.
  7. Earthcraft – This card is bonkers. It turns any creature you control into a mana generator but not only that but you could potentially go infinite with cards like Squirrel Nest as well
  8. Dream Halls – a card that got quickly restricted.. I mean you can discard a card to play any spell instead of its mana cost. you can see how that can get quite out of hand.
  9. Training Grounds – Any card like this that can reduce activation costs can be pretty combotastic – especially with ones that can generate mana
  10. Rings of Brighthearth – use in combination with the card above. Great times.
  11. Skullclamp, Fecundity – both these cards are insane card draw engines in their respective decks and fulfill similar purposes
  12. Mind’s Desire – well it was part of some of the most broken combo decks ever printed – namely TEPS and Long.dec so it’s gotta make the list here
  13. Krark-Clan Ironworks – Also an insane combo card for artifact decks
  14. Aluren – imagine being able to play your creatures for free, as an instant, anytime… it gets even crazier when you have bounce mechanics like a certain card in this list that lets you return things to your hand perhaps?
  15. Mind over Matter – it was powerful once upon a time, but still a good card in some niche combo decks. It takes a lot to go off, though.





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