Knowledge Threshold

This is a philosophical question as well as a CS question but as I read through more and more code, syntax, semantics, etc, I gain new knowledge that is stored and reused. Does anyone believe that there is ever a limit for human learning and understanding?

Let’s consider a though experiment: If a baby is raised, trained and taught only Java for the rest of his life, will he be an irrevocable master of language? ie. would he ever have any troubles with anything pertaining to Java? If so, then such a human being could probably be the solution to any and all bugs and software related to Java.

If I were to continue learning at a pace of maybe 1 programming book a month, how long would it take me to master all the programming languages? It is intriguing to believe that anyone could master anything, given time. If the boundaries of time are not set, then everyone would be experts on anything.

Well thats my idea of a knowledge threshold, I’m sure that there’s no general limit to human knowledge, but I want to know whether there is a limit for human knowledge in specific areas such as a programming language or a mathematical theory. Feel free to discuss.





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