Is Yao Ming a top 100 greatest basketball player of all time?

No, he’s not. (And this is how you know me being Chinese doesn’t affect any of my basketball opinions. In fact I had some Lebron haters / Kobe fans tell me I was hating on Kobe and being a Bronsexual because I was Chinese which makes absolutely no sense because in China, Kobe is much more popular than Lebron is, it would be the opposite if that was the case).

No, I try to be as unbiased as I can in my basketball opinions because I have a ranking of players based on purely stats, career totals and accolades. Those are all objective measurements – no subjective emotional bias in there like ‘eye test, killer instinct, more skilled, mamba mentality, changed the game’ or BS like that affecting my rankings.

Now, Yao Ming is a very good player, extraordinary mobility for his size, had a solid post game, good footwork, an unselfish passer, high basketball IQ, a good FT shooter as a really tall guy and a hall of fame level talent when healthy. The problem is, he wasn’t healthy enough thus affecting his career totals and achievements. He’s a top 150 player in my books but not top 100. If you’re going to end up with less than 10k pts in your career you better have done something special (like Bill Walton) to make up for it, and Yao didn’t. A top 3 center in the league when he was healthy – but he was no Bill Walton, and thus nothing to offset his lack of longevity. Even at his apex when he was reasonably healthy he never got past the second round.


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