Is Jamal Murray the best player of all time who never made an NBA All-Star team?

I actually mentioned him last year after he had a historic playoff run averaging 26/6/7 en route to winning the championship, and everyone said that it’s ‘inevitable’ that he will make the all star team this year. Well, it’s 2024 and he’s still not an all-star.

Jamal Murray is similar to Jimmy Butler or Tim Duncan or Jokic or Kawhi in that they do not care about their regular season numbers at all. They don’t care about all-stars, MVPs etc they just want to win a championship. To that end, they always step up their games in the playoffs. Which is why Murray always plays like a very good but not all-star level player in the regular season – but then turns into prime 2001 Kobe in the playoffs.

So yeah, I think Murray is definitely in that conversation of best player to never be all-star. The other candidates are: Lamar Odom, Rod Strickland, Michael Cooper and Cedric Maxwell who are all players who should have been all-stars at some point although none of them have the offensive firepower Jamal Murray has.


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