Is it true that Kobe Bryant was the hardest player to guard in NBA history?

LOL that’s funny. No, definitely not.

It was easy to stop Kobe.. in the playoffs. In the regular season, sure Kobe got a lot of points cause he was facing a mix of good and bad teams, but come playoff time, and Kobe perennially got locked up.

Here’s Shane Battier locking Kobe up in the 2009 playoffs

Here’s James Posey locking Kobe up in the 2008 Finals

Here’s 38 year old Jason Kidd locking Kobe up in 2011 playoffs

Here’s Tayshaun Prince shutting Kobe down for the entire 2004 Finals lol

Kobe was relatively easy to shut down, that’s why his playoff high was only 50 – a whole 31 points lower than his regular season high of 81.





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