Is Chris Paul a better point guard than Isiah Thomas?

I think Chris Paul is definitely the better player. But Isiah had the better career.

Isiah had the benefit of playing on a really great team with a bunch of hall of famers like Joe Dumars, Dennis Rodman, Adrian Dantley and all star level players like Bill Laimbeer and Mark Aguirre and great role players like Rick Mahorn and Vinnie Johnson. CP3’s best teammates were Blake Griffin (who was injured half the time) and James Harden (who he only spent 2 seasons with) and Devin Booker who is all star level but not Hall of Fame level yet. That’s hardly equal to the complete Bad Boy Pistons roster Isiah had to work with.

CP3 is a much better shooter, about the same in rebounding, a slightly better passer not only because higher APG but CP3 has one of the best assist to turnover ratios out of any player ever ( hence the nickname Point GOD), and a better defender too. Also advanced analytics CP3 blows Isiah out of the water in PER, WS/48, VORP and TS% and it’s not even close.

Isiah might have the advantage in only one category which is his scoring in the clutch. Isiah has the uncanny knack to raise his game when the moments really demanded it. CP3 has a few games like this (like last year he had a 41 pt game to close out the Clippers in the playoffs) but Isiah is probably more consistent at doing this. But thats really the only thing I’ll take from Isiah.

You remove Isiah and replace him with CP3 on those Pistons teams and they easily win those 2 rings if not more.





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