If you woke up tomorrow as the president of China, what would you do?

-Levy higher taxes on the rich to help fund better social programs for the poor and elderly. This will help reduce income inequality.

-Eliminate the whole ‘hukou’ system. Chinese people should be able to work whereever they choose.

-Encourage people to have whatever religion they choose

-Stop censoring nonsense like Winnie the pooh on social media because I can’t take a joke

-Remove the foreign movie restriction of 34 a year. Chinese should be able to choose whether they want to watch foreign movies or domestic movies.

-Remove the ban on foreign companies with uncensored content like Facebook and Youtube and Google. Chinese should be able to decide which platform they want instead of forcing them to choose Chinese platforms. Also, this will be beneficial to foreigners who currently have to use VPNs to even access their own email.

-Remove the censorship on sex/violence in entertainment and create a rating system so that Chinese have the choice to see those things in movies/video games or not

-Develop the entertainment industry more to compete with Korea and Hollywood. That means production of higher quality dramas and movies, training singers and dancers etc

-Develop the west side of China more so that it’s not East side heavy like it is. Create economic zones similar to Shanghai and Shenzhen in heavily underdeveloped areas like Guizhou, Guangxi, Gansu etc

-Create incentives for foreign women (maybe SE Asian women) to move to China to help balance out the gender ratio so that more Chinese men have a chance to marry

-remove the petty boycotting on Korean/Japanese goods. Again Chinese people should have the freedom to decide whether they want those goods or domestic brands

-Create a program for Chinese travelling abroad to help educate them in the do’s and do not’s so that they aren’t perceived as negatively in other countries

-Stop interfering in Hong Kong’s business and let them be autonomous – this will create more peace in that area

-Remove the visa restrictions for traveling foreigners. Canadians and Americans should be able to stay in China 3 months without a visa just like they can for Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and most other countries.

-Free political prisoners. They should be allowed to protest. Chinese people should be able to decide what kind of political priorities they want – if they have support from the majority

-Create a national food inspection program similar to the USDA so that all Chinese food can be tested and deemed safe before eating. We can avoid incidents like the Milk poisoning scandal and food poisoning from ‘fake’ chinese foods

-Break off the relationship with North Korea. Seriously, we don’t need North Korea. Have North Korea and South Korea reunite but under the condition that the US forces *must leave* the Korean peninsula.

Most of the things I would do would be to eliminate the restrictions on a lot of things so that Chinese people have more freedoms. I think this will be more beneficial for the people and the country.

There is one more thing I would like to eliminate which is ‘face culture’ which I think is one of the worst things of Chinese culture, but it will be difficult. I’m not sure the best way to do it but I think media campaigns about focusing on the quality of other people rather than judging them based on material worth, and creating more public holidays for couples to enjoy time with each other rather than ‘shopping days’ which is currently what Singles day stands for in China, would help.

And yes, I would do all this while keeping a one party system because I feel it would be the most efficient way to get these things done.