If I had 100 million dollars…

During your lifetime you must have been asked a question along the lines of “What would you do if you had a million dollars?”. Well turns out a million doesn’t really buy much these days, so lets say 100 million. What would you do if you had 100 million dollars?

I got the idea for this post from the near 1.5 billion dollar Powerball Lottery (biggest in history) thats been going on. While I’m not a believer in lotteries, we can always dream right?

But although I haven’t been known to be the most financially sensible guy in the past, if I had 100 million dollars, I actually wouldn’t do that much differently.

Here’s what I would do, in order:
-Pay off my mortgage for my SF apartment
-Give away a couple million each to my parents, relatives, brother, cousins, and really close friends
-I would invest a third of the remaining money in the stock market
-I would invest most of the remaining money after that to purchase real estate. Right now, my prime choices are Vancouver Canada, San Diego USA, or Seoul Korea.
-I would use the leftover million dollars or so to splurge on electronics and guitars. This would probably include a Two-Rock amplifier, a Fender Custom Shop guitar, a collection of Sony/Nokia equipment, some good camera equipment by Canon/Nikon/Zeiss/Schneider Kreuznach, and some custom made Falcon Northwest or OriginPC laptops. Maybe invest in some kickstarter projects to help others. Creating my own custom UMPC is another thing I’ve always wanted to do.

So yeah.. nothing too exciting. I already said I didn’t really want a huge mansion for myself or a nice car or anything I’m not really into that materialistic stuff. I know I have a lot of electronics but thats more for my hobby and interests rather than showing off. I don’t really like to show off anything, contrary to how rich Chinese people like to flaunt their wealth. I’d rather just have a nice scooter maybe a convertible for those road trips down the coast, and a medium sized condo. And a nice cute Korean girl to cuddle with 🙂 and I’ll be happy with that.
I know that money doesn’t buy happiness and really the main thing I would do with money is to invest it in some stocks or real estate anyways. I don’t really really want any of those electronics and guitars or anything, those are just something if I have a lot of extra money after those investments, but not necessary.

But yeah.. if I had 100 million dollars, thats what I would do 🙂 I definitely wouldn’t spend it irresponsibly like alot of lottery winners end up doing.