How would the world look today if WWII never happened?

Oh boy. The most consequential event in modern human history. Well 60 million people would still be living and a great many of them would have contributed to society. Several nations as we know it wouldn’t exist, like Israel. The British Empire and other European nations would still be superpowers since their land would not have been devastated. Maybe India would still be part of the British Empire. Japan would have a military still and be more powerful than it is now. The USA would not be as powerful as it is now, due to not having nuclear weapons. Nuclear technology would have started much later if at all, and maybe the space race might have never happened. We might not have gotten computers until much later, because a lot of the work in the war served as a foundation for the development of computers, electronics and the Internet. So its possible our electronics industry might be different today. We might even still be using vacuum tubes instead of transistors! WWII was such a consequential event thats it hard to say, the world geography would be different, industries would be different, our whole world would probably be completely different today.






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