How to play Magic the Gathering pt 2

Continued from the previous post…Here are some more advanced terms:

Tokens: Tokens are creatures that are not represented by a card but they are still creatures. The only difference is that when they die and/or returned to your hand, they are exiled instead.

Exile: Exile a permanent means they are removed from the game (as opposed to putting it in your graveyard like a normal permanent).

A counterspell
A counterspell

Counters: Usually a blue card that says counter target spell means that the spell that is countered does nothing, has no effect and is put into the graveyard.

Sacrifice: A card, usually black, that says sacrifice a creature means that a creature of its owner’s choice must be put into the graveyard. Sacrifice does not destroy nor does it target so it can kill creatures with Shroud and Indestructible.

This tribal card helps Soldiers and Bird types
This tribal card helps Soldiers and Bird types

Creature types: The creature type is on the card shown as Creature – type. Many cards interact with different creature types. ‘Goblins get +1/+1’ would be an example of such a card. Cards that interact with creatures are known as tribal cards.

A Legendary Creature
A Legendary Creature

Legendary: Some permanents can be legendary. This is shown in the card type. That means there can only be one of that card with the same name on the battlefield. Planeswalkers are inherently legendary. If two Legendary permanents of the same name are in the battlefield, they both automatically go to the graveyard.

Card Abilities:

A creature with a triggered ability
A creature with a triggered ability

There are two different types of card abilities in Magic. Activated and tap abilities may be indicated with a mana cost and/or tap symbol and you have to use that much mana to use it / tap to use it. They can be used at any time. Any permanent may have activated/tap abilities, but creatures have to wait a turn before you can use their abilities. Triggered abilities have an effect depending on other conditions. ‘when
comes into the battlefield’ and ‘whenever

is tapped’ are examples of triggered abilities that only happens when the conditions are satisfied. Creatures don’t have to wait a turn to use triggered abilities, they just happen automatically.

A legendary creature with alot of abilities
A legendary creature with alot of abilities

Creature abilities:
Alot of creatures have different abilities, tap and activated abilities, but here are some common keyworded abilities that may not have been explained on the card.
Flying: Flying means this creature can’t be blocked except by other creatures with flying.
Trample: Trample means this creature deals any leftover combat damage when blocked to the player. That means, if it has more power than the blocking creature’s toughness, the rest of the damage goes to the player.
Shroud: Shroud means the creature can’t be targeted by spells or abilities. Any spells or abilities that say ‘target creature’ cannot be used on the creature.
Indestructible: The creature cannot be destroyed by any card effects or by combat damage.
First Strike: First Strike means the creature deals combat damage before a creature without First Strike. Normally creatures deal combat damage at same time.
Island/Plains/Forest/Swamp/Mountain-walk: Any of these basic land walks means the creature is unblockable if the defending player controls a basic land of that type.
Lifelink: Lifelink means whenever the creature deals damage, the controller gains that much life.
Vigilance: Attacking doesn’t cause a creature with Vigilance to tap.
Haste: A creature with haste can attack and use abilities the turn they are played. Normally creatures have to wait a turn to attack and use abilities.
Regeneration: Regeneration usually comes with a mana cost. That means the controller can pay that mana cost so that the creature does not receive combat damage and becomes tapped instead.
Reach: Creatures with Reach can block flying creatures. This doesn’t mean that the creature has flying.
Deathtouch: Creatures with this ability destroys any creature it deals damage to.
Protection from Black/Blue/Green/Red/White: Protection from a color means that the creature cannot be enchanted by, blocked by, targeted by, or dealt damage by any spells/permanents of that color.

Block Mechanic:

A Sorcery using the block mechanic Entwine
A Sorcery using the block mechanic Entwine

There’s also ‘block’ mechanics. Allow me to explain. Every few months, Wizards of the coast releases a new Magic expansion and each ‘story arc’ comprises three sets/expansions usually and is called a ‘block’. Along with a block comes different card abilities that are only in that block. These include Imprint, Storm, Replicate, Kicker, Landfall, Entwine, Exalted, Flashback, Madness, Suspend, Cycling, Evoke, Fading, Echo, Buyback, Conspire, and many others.
These usually don’t need to be explained because their explanation comes on the card.