How to download and play Newgrounds and other flashes offline

This is a simple but effective technique for downloading and playing flashes from Newgrounds or any other flash site offline and store the .swf files on your home computer.
Quick steps:

1): Create an html page with a download link using a word editor such as Notepad or Dreamweaver. It can be as simple as this:

Download page

Download here

2): Go to your newgrounds flash page where the game and/or movie is being played. I’ll use
Super Mario Crossover as an example.
Right click and ‘View Source’. You’ll get the source code of that page.

3): Ctrl+f to find the search term “uploads” on the source page and you’ll get a highlight of a javascript code fragment that looks something like var fw = new FlashWriter(“”. xxx is the name of the flash file for that movie/game. So you want to copy that link and paste it into your html link in your download page. For my example, the link would be and I would replace a href=”” on the html page just created with a href=””. Some source pages have something called sandbox.swf. Ignore this one, there should be another one after it.

4): Now just right click the link you made on your html page and select ‘save target/link as’ and you’ll be asked to save the swf file.
Download Swiffplayer and install it so that you can play the swf file on your computer. That’s it! You can use that view source trick with any Newgrounds flash and play it offline. It may not work with some flashes due to some games requiring you to be online. For other flash sites, it’s similar, just find the link they use for the flash and paste that link.


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  1. endeavorfrazer Avatar

    To download music from NewGrounds, you may also try Allavsoft

  2. xiangshuii Avatar

    You may try use allavsoft to download Newgrounds Videos to MP4, AVI, on Mac/Windows.

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