How do you feel about the Lakers blowing out the Warriors to end the defending champs season?

I’m really happy, because it shuts up all those Curry fanboys online proclaiming that he was better than Lebron because he had a playoff record advantage. Whenever Curry beats Lebron, he’s always had the advantage. In 2015 Bron’s team was injured. In 2017–2018 Curry had a super stacked team behind him. But what we have seen so far is when Curry has played Bron’s teams on equal terms like in 2016, the 2021 play in, or just now the 2023 WCSF.. Bron always wins. Even 38 year old Bron. Because Bron is better. He does more on the floor than Curry. He’s a bigger stronger more athletic player than Curry. He’s a better rebounder than Curry. He’s a better passer than Curry.

See, besides shooting, there’s nothing Curry really does better than Lebron. So that’s why it infuriated me that people said Curry was as good or better than Bron because he had 4 rings and better playoff record against them, those people don’t understand how unequal those matchups were. People who said Curry made his teammates better, well how come we didn’t see that in this series? All of Curry’s teammates didn’t show up? Hmm. I thought he made them all better? How come Austin Reaves, Lonnie Walker, Rui etc been outplaying them? I thought Bron made his teammates worse?

^ People were literally betting on a DOG because they wanted Bron to lose that badly smh lol

Now that we had an equal matchup, and Bron blows out the Warriors, now hopefully we can shut that crowd up ^.

Edit: Nope I guess they are not shutting up and just being super salty now with the excuses and revisionist history.. somehow Bron has a super stacked team now and Curry had no help.. (just a reminder that Warriors were the favorites going into the series) and somehow it was ‘rigged’ because of the FTs…

I didn’t know Reaves, Rui, Lonnie, D-Lo etc were all of sudden a superteam but ok…

^ The Lakers have an interior game where they drive in and post people up, Warriors have a perimeter game where they shoot lots of 3s. Which one do you think leads to drawing more fouls?

These idiots so salty


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