How are Asian Americans culturally and psychologically different from Asians who grew up in Asia?

I think the place where you grow up is what most determines who you are as a person. From my experiences with Asian Americans and Asian Canadians (myself being one) I think Asians who are American or Canadian born (ABC or CBC we call them) are more often than not the same as any white person born there, just with an Asian skin and a varying degree of fluency in their mother language depending on how often they spoke it with their parents.

An Asian person who has spent at least 10 years in Asia before immigrating over still keeps more of their Asian aspects, can speak their language fluently, and probably identifies more with their mother country.

…and people like me who are in between (neither born abroad nor living long enough in Asia to really associate with it) are kind of in a tough middle ground and struggle with identity crisis and can go one way or the other. In my case, I identify with Canada (the place I grew up) and with Korea (which I find closer to my cultural values than modern day China) the most.





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