Frontend Development at Spigit Inc

Project Summary
I worked for Spigit Inc, a small company focused on idea management software, based in San Francisco, CA from Mar 2017 to Sept 2018.

Technologies Used
JavaScript was the main programming language I used. I used Webstorm as my main IDE.
Part of my duties on the team was to help the migration from the old jQuery / CSS / JSP based web application to a newer faster version using Angular2+ and NodeJS.
We used Github to maintain a source code depository and also for continuous integration purposes. Travis was used for builds and testing. Our API backend used NodeJS for the new part of the application and Java/JSP for the old part. Rendering was done using a mix of Angular2+ templates, Bootstrap and JSRender.
We also used SASS for CSS, Jasmine for unit tests, GulpJS, for automation testing and some other third party libraries.

I was mainly responsible for:
-Refactoring and removing old Technical code debt (spaghetti JS/jQuery/CSS) from the codebase.
-Migrating old Mustache and JSRender templates and jQuery to using Angular2+ instead, last I was working on it we were up to Angular5.
-Existing parts of the application deemed too big of a task to migrate in a short time, we had to migrate the old jQuery to at least 1.7+ to fix security issues
-Lead the unit test development for all the Angular2+ components, using Jasmine testing.


IBM was one of Spigit’s customers and here is an example of the challenge overview page
Here is an example of the Spigit Pairwise page in action – where users vote on competing ideas