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So… time to discuss my eating habits. I’m one of those people who is sort of careless about what they eat. Whenever someone asks me for a recommendation for a restaurant, I can’t really tell them because I have no personal preference. I’m just not a picky eater. I eat unhealthy food all the time – and I don’t really understand those people who constantly take pictures of their food and discuss the amount of calorie intake, etc.

My day to day diet: I rarely ever eat breakfast, so I eat about 2 meals a day. I eat a lot of very unhealthy food, like candy, sausages, bacon, potato chips, you name it, I eat it. I have this obsession with those pepperoni sticks or sausage snacks / beef jerky and they probably contain about 1000 mg of sodium, but I eat them all the time anyway. I’ve survived on canned pasta and instant ramen noodles for probably the last 4 years. Now, you’re probably thinking, with nutrition like that, how can I stay healthy?

Well the interesting thing is, my body has quite unique metabolism. I can eat something and it goes right through me, however I retain all the nutritional benefits. This results in me staying healthy (I rarely ever get sick or tired), and maintaining a constant weight (I’ve been 125 lbs since I was 17).  So I never have to worry about gaining weight or anything; I can eat like mad and it doesn’t affect my health. My body is still nimble, my mind sharp, and I don’t feel any so-called ‘side effects’ of eating unhealthy at all. I also rarely get sick (I don’t think I’ve ever missed a class from being sick). My parents say it’ll catch up to me when I’m older, but I’ll wait until then :P.

Now one of the things I do love:

New York Fries Braised Beef Poutine
New York Fries Braised Beef Poutine

Now, Poutine is truly one of the great Canadian foods. You see it everywhere in Canada. Like Ketchup chips, it’s one of the things I’m really sad that America doesn’t have. We also have this chain of Canadian restaurants called New York Fries. Again, doesn’t exist in the U.S, but they serve the best fries ever. If you’ve only tried McDonald’s fries all your life, you’ve been missing out. Anyways they have this new Poutine out that adds Beef and/or Butter Chicken to your fries (remember Poutine already has cheese and gravy). So I can’t wait to try this out… it might be even more unhealthy than The Double Down but man looks so good.


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  1. Oh man…. there are mushrooms in that thing! Looks good!

    In America, the fast food place to get fries is Burger King, not McDonalds. 😛

  2. I eat a lot of unhealthy food too, but my body is not like yours. I wish I can eat whatever I want and it goes through me, but nope. Well, I guess we’re only young once so why not enjoy, right? Though my mom always say that it’s better to have limitation now so you can still enjoy those things when you’re older.

  3. sophia Avatar

    why is poutine not healthy?

  4. I don’t know, some people think fries with gravy with cheese is not healthy, not that I care whether or not a food is healthy, haha I care if it tastes good =P

  5. I thought people love pountine so much it became a drug in Canada ,I live in the us but to me that looks so good.

  6. Kiara Dussault Avatar
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