Financial Blunders and gift giving – 2017 edition!

I detailed in my post last year here about my financial blunders in 2015 and 2016 … now its time for this years blunders!!

-Sold Bitcoin too early in early May (@ $1600 instead of waiting a few weeks when it went up to $2800) – this decision cost me about tens of thousands in lost potential funds.
-Coinbase told me that Bitcoin Cash was worthless and made me take out the funds before hand since they wouldn’t support it anyways. After the fork happened, they retracted their statement but by then I had already taken out my bitcoin. Had I kept it in, not only would I have gotten my free BCC (as of now worth over $800 each) but also would have taken advantage of BTC breaking past $3k. I lost over $1500 because of Coinbase’s stupid mistake.
-The same day that my Gemini deposit finished I sent it over to the Bitrex exchange because I wanted to hold the 2X coin. The very same day, 2X fork was announced to be suspended and Bitcoin jumped up to $7800. I hurriedly tried to send my coins back to Gemini (because thats the only exchange that was linked to my bank account) but by the time my bitcoin transactions were confirmed 1.5 hrs later, Bitcoin’s price had gone back down to $7200 and I was forced to sell at that price. That also turned out to be the *bottom* of Bitcoin’s price that day and I bought back in at $7400. That was more than $1500 of potential profit missed and $500 of actual losses incurred – all because of bad timing.
-Booked too many flights from Seattle to San Francisco because I stupidly expected my TN visa application to be swift – it was not. I was rejected twice for my visa application, had to wait an extra week for parents/company to ship me extra documents and missed those flights. Total cost of missed flights was about $650.
-Coming back from Seoul to San Francisco in July. For some reason Expedia did not put me in the Asiana airlines system. So after much calling and waiting, I had to cancel this ticket as well and book another one. This was a $650 ticket as well + missed work days.
-Messed up currency exchange rates while I was trying to convert CAD back to USD – this blunder cost me $1k USD because I stupidly kept trying to convert back and worth to try and make it work with paypal and eventually gave up – $1k in fees later.
-can’t sell my Traynor Amp.. so had to throw that out which was $400 gone
-Someone stole my Denon headphones at work. That’s $400 gone..
-messed up a NFLX stock option play which cost me $560
-USPS messed up a magic card sale and an amazon return. cost me $90 total
-Worldfriends charged me $90 that I never asked for for extending my subscription. I asked my credit card company to cancel this charge multiple times – but they kept re-adding it so I gave up and paid it.
-if i waited a few months for oculus rift it could have saved me $400… I bought it for $800..
-I spent $160 on DLC items in a game. This is in addition to the hundreds of dollars I’ve spent on card games like Magic (both physical and online) and Hearthstone and at one time Diablo 3 as well.
-wasted $60 on a game (need for speed payback) that I thought was going to be good but turned out to be bad. Can’t even return the order because its a digital code. So that’s money wasted.

I have to admit, I’m a pretty generous guy. I often give away stuff to my family and friends for free. This year when I go back to Canada in a few months, will be no different. I’m giving my Amazon echo show ($200), Logitech Mouse, Asus gaming laptop ($500), Toshiba Portege Z30 ultrabook ($300) to my brother, Amazon Echo Show ($200) to my parents, Soundblaster Roar 2 ($200), Amazon Echo Dot ($50), and HP Elitebook 820 ($300) to my relatives for easy video conferencing to my parents. That’s a lot of stuff!

Over the past few years this is what I’ve given away for free:
2011 – gave my mom a Kindle Fire ($200) – it was the first generation and wasn’t available in Canada at that time
2012 – gave my dad my Nexus 7 tablet ($200)
2013 – gave my friend my Canon wireless microphones ($200)
2013 – gave my relatives all Kindle Fires and Chromecasts ($130 each)
2013 – gave my mom a Kindle Fire HD 8 ($200)
2013 – gave my brother a Contour Roam action cam ($200) and Shure SE250 earphones ($200)
2014 – gave my friend my Audio Technica noise cancelling headphones ($200)
2014 – gave my dad a Lenovo smartphone ($200)
2014 – gave my brother a Soundblaster AX200 speaker ($200)
2014 – gave my mom a Lenovo Thinkpad Twist laptop ($300)
2014 – gave my mom the Romo Romotive ($130) a robot designed for telecommunication but didnt work as planned..
2014 – gave my mom my old iPhone 4S ($400)
2014 – gave my friend a portable hard drive ($80)
2014 – gave my parents old Canon camcorder ($200) + Canon digital camera ($100)
2015 – gave my friend a bunch of my PS3 games ($1000+ originally)
2015 – gave ebayer my OLED TV for free ($500)
2015 – gave my dad my Polk Audio Hampden speakers ($200)
2015 – gave my mom my Audyssey Wireless speakers ($200)
2015 – created a doll based on my cat and gave it to my parents ($200)
2016 – gave my mom a Huawei Honor 5X ($200)
2016 – gave my friend my GoPro Hero 3 ($200)
2016 – gave my aunt my electric guitar ($400) + practice amp ($150)
2016 – gave ebayer my Thinkpad Yoga 14 laptop for free ($500) + Kindle Fire HD ($80)
2017 – gave my friend my Dell USBC Dock ($80)
2017 – gave my friend my Samsung Soundbar ($200)
2017 – gave my family 2 Amazon Echo Shows ($400) – not available in Canada atm so had to manually install them the apps
2017 – gave my friend a portable hard drive ($80)
2017 – gave my family Soundblaster Roar 2 ($200)
2017 – gave my friend my HP Elitebook 820 ($300)
2017 – gave my brother Toshiba Portege Z30 ultrabook ($300) + Logitech Mouse + Asus gaming laptop ($500)