Does LeBron ruin teams by trading away the roster to create his superteams?

So this is yet another anti-Lebron rumor started by his haters and widely believed by NBA fans online (since a majority of them are Bron haters) – that he is “LeGM” and he trades away players at will in order to create his ‘handpicked’ superteams. Well, this isn’t true:

And it should have been obvious to anyone who didn’t hate Lebron why this doesn’t make sense. Rob Pelinka is the GM, not Lebron. Jeanie Buss is the owner. Rich Paul controls Klutch. Lebron would have go through at least these 3 people in order to get signoff for anything he wants to do. he can’t just unilaterally make a trade. That’s also not to mention, the OTHER team also has to sign off on the trade. Apparently Lebron was holding other teams hostage and forcing them to make the trades? ok.

So add this to the list of other Lebron hater narratives that doesn’t really make sense, along with the ‘Lebron does PEDs’, ‘Lebron won a mickey mouse ring’, ‘ Lebron is soft and can’t play in the 90s’, ‘Lebron played in the weakest conference ever’, ‘Ray Allen saved his legacy’ etc a whole bunch of nonsense that wouldn’t be said about any other player.

Now, about ‘ruining’ teams by trading the roster away. Lakers fans really believe that if they kept Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram that they would have had a team better than Lebron and AD? Because that’s the insinuation here. Simple fact of the matter is, wherever Lebron goes, he wins the organization a ring within 2 seasons of getting there. Haters want to say he leaves a trail of ‘ruin’ wherever he goes, well I got news for you: what did the 2010 Heat do? What did the 2014 Cavs do? What did the 2018 Lakers do? Were they going to win the championship but then Lebron ruined it all by trading away their almost championship roster? NO. Those teams SUCKED when Lebron joined.

This narrative only came about because Westbrook joined the Lakers this year, Alex Caruso, KCP and Kyle Kuzma got traded and everyone blamed Lebron for wanting Westbrook, and for trading those key players, and then looked back in history and found that oh the 2015 Heat sucked, 2019 Cavs sucked well I guess Lebron ruined those teams thats why they sucked. No the truth is, those teams sucked before Lebron got there, and continued to suck after he left because Lebron was main reason those teams were going anywhere. It’s not that hard to understand.

Haters think those teams were championship caliber before Lebron traded away the roster? Sorry but that’s not the truth. They simply sucked before and were not going to get anywhere. If Lebron didn’t trade those guys, the organization eventually would have traded them anyways. Ingram, Ball, Kuzma were not going to win them a championship. That simply wasn’t going to happen. Lebron got them a championship, but it’s been the most derided discredit championship I’ve ever seen because it was in the ‘bubble’ and haters will find any way to discredit Lebron’s achievements. Notice how they don’t discredit AD’s ring the same way even tho it’s the exact same ring. It’s only because Lebron won it. And even Lakers fans don’t appreciate it, as many of them want Lebron to be traded and think that the team would be better off without him. I’ve never seen a player so underappreciated and hated by his own team’s fanbase.





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