Do people say that Kobe Bryant is not as good as Michael Jordan or LeBron James? If so, why?

Yes, and there’s good reasons why Kobe isn’t as good as these two players.

Compared to Jordan, Kobe is an inferior version in every way. Awards wise, Kobe has 4 less MVPs, 4 less FMVPs, 1 less ring, no DPOY, no ROTY. Stats wise, Kobe averages 5 less PPG, 1 less RPG, 1 less APG, on 5% worse efficiency and trails Jordan in every advanced stat too. There’s simply no case for Kobe over Jordan. And a lot of people believe Kobe is ‘close’ to Jordan just based on them being the same height, playing the same position, having the same skillset and same mentality. But it’s more than just that. Kobe just wasn’t as good at getting off the same moves as you can see by the gap in efficiency, and he wasn’t as good of an all around player and (despite his All-Def selections) nobody would say Kobe was a better defender than Jordan, nor does Kobe raise his stats in the playoffs like Jordan did. So there’s simply no comparison between the two, Jordan is far better than Kobe despite the superficial similarities. Also, I should note that Kobe has never won without a star offensive big man around him – while Jordan was able to win with Horace Grant and Dennis Rodman – very solid players for sure, but definitely a tier below Shaq and Pau Gasol when it comes to offense.

Compared to Lebron, I’ve written extensively about this

I think there’s definitely more people who think Kobe is better than Lebron, than people who think Kobe is better than Jordan, because with Lebron they can make the argument that he has less rings or less All-Def or needed a ‘superteam’ etc

Which are all weak arguments. Kobe wasn’t the main player for most of his rings. Lebron was for ALL of his rings. Awards wise, Kobe trails Lebron in MVPs, FMVPs, All-Star, All-NBA and only bests Lebron in All-Def and having 1 more ring. Stats wise, Lebron beats Kobe in every raw and advanced stat category – PPG, RPG, APG, FG%, TS%, PER, WS, WS/48, VORP etc you name it except for FT%. Plus just like Jordan, Lebron raises his stats in the playoffs while Kobe’s stats remain the same in the playoffs.

It’s actually frustrating to me why there’s so many people that still believe Kobe is better despite the insurmountable evidence that Lebron has over Kobe.

Thinking Basketball (Ben Taylor) did an analysis with not only stats but footage proving that Lebron and Jordan uniquely have the single greatest peaks in NBA history. Kobe doesn’t even make the top 10. In fact, by the analysis, KG was a more impactful player than Kobe was.

Yet somehow, there’s still so many people out there who think Kobe is better. It doesn’t make sense. I’ve already debunked that Kobe needed just as much – if not more – help than Lebron did in order to win. He actually needed a very specific system consisting of Phil Jackson and some great offensive rebounding bigs around him to even get past the first round. Lebron has won with 3 different coaches and systems. I’ve already debunked that Kobe was an ‘elite defender’ – by the defensive metrics and by the words of his own coach – he didn’t deserve those All-Def selections. I’ve also debunked why he isn’t clutch – the numbers all favor Lebron from buzzer beaters to elimination game performances. So I have to believe that it’s emotional bias and willful ignorance of the facts that many people still believe Kobe is better than Lebron. They are in denial, that’s it, because going by BOTH stats + eye test / footage – Lebron is better and it’s not even close.

Then again, the people who hate on Lebron seem to me to be idiots anyways. Imagine an adult saying stuff like ‘Bronsexual’ ‘Lebum’ etc like you expect me to seriously engage you in debate when you use those words?





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