Do Chinese men, in general, prefer typical Chinese girls or do they like women with different assets and features?

Chinese women are pretty varied in terms of features and ‘assets’. Xinjiang girls, Manchurian girls, Guangdong girls, Hong Kong girls, Sichuan girls, Beijing/Tianjin girls, Jiangnan girls, etc can all be very different. If you are talking about nationality, most of my Chinese friends would be open to Korean, Taiwanese, and maybe Vietnamese girls as well. But probably not Japanese as a matter of principle.

Taiwanese girl:

Korean girl:

Vietnamese girl:

These other nationalities (yes I know Taiwan is not technically a “country” but they are ROC nationality) are close enough to Chinese beauty standards and have similar cultural values (they are all Confucian based) that I think most Chinese guys would be open to dating them as well 🙂