Decisions about software engineering and planning till the end

In my last post I described how my interests have been leaning more towards business now (actually it had been before). But now I realized that there is actually a major in commerce ( . So now for me, I have to make an important decision about whether to continue my software engineering specialist or not. To be honest, I’ve never actually wanted to be in this specialist; it was my friends and lack of other options that led me down this path; now that there is another major I’m interested in, the double major career path seems like the way to go.

Here are the advantages of staying in:
-Get to be with people you already know
-Already used most of credits towards this specialist
-More depth in the program

Advantages of doing a double major in computer science and commerce:
-More options after graduation, more breadth
-Get to meet new people
-Higher GPA
-Better chance of getting into business school

However, the disadvantages include going through a lot of regulation paperwork: I have to get my registrar to waiver my 100-level course limit and to permit me to take courses while on PEY and also sort out any courses that I have taken which are exclusions (ECO200). I also will have to stay an extra year in university (which means I won’t graduate until 2012), but every year from now on will be as a part time student (which isnt as bad as full time). I’m also not guaranteed admission since I am not a first year student.

However, I’d be willing to do it if everything works out. That extra year in exchange for a higher GPA, a better chance of getting into grad school and getting an MBA, more career options after I graduate, and the combination of PEY experience with management skills. To me, that is acceptable, but its something that I am very intent on pursuing until the end.

Other things I need to do this summer:
-Get a part-time job (last resort go back to call center for 4th time)
-Pay off my $4,000 in credit card debt + $2,000 in OSAP loans
-Save up enough money to pay tuition from now on and perhaps a used car (commute, business trips, etc)