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I’ve always been a person who finds image important to the way people perceive you. It is almost as important as communication skills in the role it plays in other people’s impression of you. I’ve already done a whole project (CSC318) on how people choose their clothes and everything, so I’d just like to say a few things I noticed when I shop around.

As a guy, I don’t have as many selections as women do. They get more stores and more square ft devoted to them. I get left with either: a) punk style clothes which I am not a fan of. Or b) formal clothing which are very expensive. I dress casually on occasion, but most often it is smart casual. That means I don’t really like to wear punkish or baggy clothing at all and you’ll never see me wear it. The most casual you will see me is a T-shirt and cargo shorts. Most of the time, it’s a collar shirt or polo shirt paired with jeans. And not ripped jeans – tight low cut jeans are for me.
An additional note about jeans: you can wear the same pair several days in a row (if it isnt dirty) and people won’t notice. Jeans all look similar so I may wear one pair for more than one day. For girls this is true too, but it can’t be done with skirts or dresses for obvious reasons (they are more noticeable and have many different varieties). It’s just another advantage to jeans in addition to the all-season-ness they possess.
If I want to dress up, you’ll also see me with a vest, tie and cotton pants (dress pants are too thin and loose). On top of all of that, it’s usually a fur coat or leather jacket during the winter – hoodie or blazer during the fall/winter. Summer I usually don’t need a jacket.

So, now shoes. Today I bought this:

Dress shoes
Dress shoes

I’ve been needing a proper pair of dress shoes for a while now. I like the ones with a bigger heel and shininess of course. Regularly I have a pair of casual leather shoes and sneakers. It all depends on how I want to match up with my top of course.

And – ah yes. The hat:

My hat collection
My hat collection

I’ve always been very fond of hats. Though alot of people won’t see me wear a hat all the time, I do so on occasion. I wore a ballcap all through high school. My first year university was with the decorated army cap style hat. I also have two more variations; a distressed one and a playboy one. I never wear the Dominion cap for obvious reasons. The SRV and Jimi Hendrix hats I wore on a few occasions in the past: when I was performing at the high school and University College coffee houses. I would never wear them casually. What I do wear casually are my fedoras; generally worn when I am dressing more conservatively and more formally that day I may choose to match it with the grey or black fedora.

As for jewelry and other items related to my image, it’s pretty uniform. I always wear my silver sterling ring (had since high school), my Seiko 5 watch and my chain necklace. I seldom wear contacts now that I have new glasses but I sometimes will do so just to switch things up. I never wear cologne (though I have two bottles as gifts). I use wax sparingly now (I’m over my korean hair phase). That’s about it.

Here’s the video, and the song is because I’m feeling a bit lonely these days….


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  1. Ooh, nice style, I wish more guys would just learn to dress themselves well. lol. I very much agree with men not having enough to choose from when you walk into a store though, it makes holiday shopping all the more difficult.

    Oh but about the jeans thing! That is a very good tip, which I’m not embarrassed to admit to having followed. It keeps the jeans lasting longer, less wear and tear and color fading away.

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